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Counter Assault Bear Keg

photo: Counter Assault Bear Keg bear canister


Price Current Retail: $79.95-$79.99
Historic Range: $34.93-$99.95
Reviewers Paid: $55.00-$65.00


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This is a standard bear canister with recessed twist lock fasteners. The large size makes it suitable for long trips or groups.


  • High capacity (716 cubic inches/11.7 liters)
  • Easy to open
  • Reflective stripe around middle of cannister


  • Heavy (58 ounces)
  • Difficult to fit in a pack

I purchased the Counter Assault Bear Keg two years ago for weekend backpacking trips in New York and New Jersey. Group size ranges from three people up to seven people.

This product uses a standard design and works well. The recessed latches are easy to open with the appropriate tool; a knife blade, a coin or multitool. The reflective stripe around the middle of the canister is a nice feature and makes it easier to locate the canister after dark.

This is one of the largest bear canisters available and also the heaviest.

  • Capacity: 716 cubic inches / 11.7 liters
  • Size: 9 inches by 14 inches
  • Weight: 58 ounces / 3 pounds 10 ounces

This canister does everything it is supposed to do. It is easy to use and make a great camp stool. I have the older version which is a bright yellow color and easy to spot from a distance. The drawbacks are the large size and high weight. I have a large pack, Osprey Volt 75, and this canister will only fit in the pack sitting upright, and even then the pack bulges outward from the canisters' 9-inch canister width.

As with all canisters of this general design, the lid is not water resistant. When placing the canister it is best to place the lid down in a spot that won't collect water if it rains.

The only drawback is the high weight and large size. This is a tradeoff you will have to make in order to get this capacity without paying substantially more.

Source: bought it new
Price Paid: $55 on sale


Welcome to Trailspace, D. Winternheimer! Thanks for the helpful review of your Bear Keg. Do you have nay pictures of yours in use you could show us in your review?

4 years ago

I've never used a bear canister. I'm curious as to why it's not water proof? Can you elaborate (and maybe post some pics)?

4 years ago
D. Winternheimer

I don't have any photos of the Bear Keg in use. I may take some on my next backpackinig trip though. I don't know why the manufacturers choose not to include a gasket or o-ring on the lid. It really isn't an issue though. I just place the lid side down. I have used the Bear keg on several trips where it has rained and my food has always remained dry.

4 years ago

Thanks for the additional info, D. Winternheimer.

4 years ago

Basically it a good solid canister and very basic. Just like the kiss rule (keep it simple stupid) the 3 locks are easy to open with a knife blade or a coin or any other thing you can fit in the slots

This canister would be more suited for a group of people or one person for a week trip so yes it is large. It can fit all of my food, snacks, soap & cleaning items, bug spray, cook-set, utensils & stove (with out the canister) for a 5 day trip. The size is just right for my external frame pack it will fit inside the pack or straps to the top or bottom with no problem.

If you are a 1 - 3 people weekend camper only it's too big for you, but if it's a group or you're a multiple day camper you should consider this canister.

Price Paid: $65

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