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Kahtoola FLIGHTdeck

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The FLIGHTdeck has been discontinued. If you're looking for something new, check out the best running snowshoes for 2024.

photo: Kahtoola FLIGHTdeck running snowshoe

The Kahtoola FLIGHTsystem, integrated overboots (FLIGHTboots) and snowshoe decks (FLIGHTdecks), offers winter trail runners and hikers a warm, dry, and binding-free alternative to traditional snowshoes. The system is designed for running and hiking primarily on snow-packed trails.

The FLIGHTsystem starts with the neoprene FLIGHTboots, which convert your running shoes or light trail shoes into waterproof winter footwear (read my review of the FLIGHTboots). When fresh snow calls for more flotation, add the FLIGHTdecks, integrated snowshoes, which come in two sizes (Gypsy and Gemini), to the FLIGHTboots. Either model can be adjusted to fit any FLIGHTboot by moving the deck’s heel block into one of three positions. It’s not an easy adjustment though. I struggled to lift and slide the heel block per the directions. Once in place though, you won’t need to reset the blocks unless you change boot sizes.

The FLIGHTdecks are a cinch to put on. Just line up your FLIGHTboots and decks (there are alignment marks on both) and step down to click in. Stepping in really was as easy and hands-free as Kahtoola claims and it was nice not to futz around with binding straps and buckles in the cold, or have to remove gloves to make adjustments. Once you’re clicked in, you’re done. No retightening. No bending over. No cold fingers.

At 40 and 43 ounces, the two FLIGHTdecks weigh in around the middle for running snowshoes (Tubbs’s Catalyst weighs a hefty 49.6 ounces, Atlas’s Run, 43.3 ounces, Redfeather’s Race, 36 ounces, and Atlas’s Race just 32 ounces). However, the FLIGHTdecks’ weight doesn’t take into account the obligatory 44 ounces for the FLIGHTboots, plus the weight of your running shoes.

For comparison’s sake, a pair of waterproof, insulated boots like Merrell’s Thermo 6 Waterproof weighs 45 ounces for the men’s, 40 ounces for the women’s. However, the FLIGHTboots offer traction. So determining whether the FLIGHTsytem is a lighter-weight option depends on your current choice of snowshoes, footwear, and gaiters, and personal preference.

The FLIGHTdecks are designed for light flotation when running on packed-snow or a few inches of fresh snow. They’re suitable for any snow-packed trail, but you won’t want to go into the depths off-trail with them. When I took the smaller Gypsies into a foot of fresh powder I sank right in.

When it’s time to remove the FLIGHTdecks a ripcord on the deck releases the deck from the boot. The concept is simple, but you need to pull the ripcord’s T-shaped plastic handle straight out from the side of the deck, which can be awkward to do while you’re wearing the decks. Sometimes I had to pull multiple times before the ripcord released the boots and one time the ripcord wouldn’t disengage the boots at all no matter what I tried with the T-handle, the reset tab (at the other end of the ripcord), or removing excess snow and ice. Once the decks and boots warmed up at home, they came apart easily.

Sans bindings, I found the relative simplicity of the FLIGHTdecks appealing. I carried the FLIGHTdecks with me on several hikes and runs when the FLIGHTboots alone were sufficient for packed trails, and the decks packed flat for easy transport.

Kahtoola FLIGHTsystem
I used the FLIGHTsystem running and hiking on trails that were flat to moderately steep, trails that had packed snow, and trails that had several inches of fresh snow. Initially the Kahtoola FLIGHTsystem struck me as being an overly specialized product. I wondered if the integrated system offered enough versatility for its relatively high price ($334 for boots and decks). However, every time I used the FLIGHTsystem I was pleased with its overall performance—the fit, the traction, the warmth— if not its ease of exit (for the deck).

The Kahtoola FLIGHTsystem has some trade-offs. Since FLIGHTdecks only work with FLIGHTboots, you can’t share snowshoes with anyone who doesn’t already have their own FLIGHTboots (or who doesn’t fit into yours). And while it’s easy to switch between using the boots alone or with the decks as conditions change, the cleats are permanently affixed to the boots and can’t be removed, like crampons or traction devices, if you encounter low snow cover, pavement, or bare sections of trail. However, in the right snow conditions they work very well.

If your winter running and hiking takes you over packed and snowy trails the Kahtoola FLIGHTsystem may be right for you. While obviously suited for running, I liked it best as a lightweight hiking system. What felt overly heavy for running (a combined Gypsy FLIGHTsystem weighs 5 pounds 4 ounces), felt light, warm, and fast for winter hiking with my trail runners.

This information originally appeared as part of a Trailspace review of the Kahtoola FLIGHTsystem. For information on the boots, visit the Kahtoola FLIGHTboots product page.

Source: received for testing via the Trailspace Review Corps
Price Paid: Sample provided by Kahtoola

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Kahtoola says its unique FLIGHTsystem is “what snowshoes wanted to be when they grew up.” The FLIGHTsystem is made up of an insulated FLIGHTboot with built-in traction and a FLIGHTdeck step-in snowshoe deck. The system is designed to adapt to conditions ranging from packed powder to deep snow to icy terrain, whether you’re walking, running, or hiking.

When you need flotation for fresh or deep snow, click the FLIGHTboot into ports on the FLIGHTdeck to create the FLIGHTsystem. FLIGHTdecks have stainless steel traction cleats, an adjustable heel block, and no straps or buckles to deal with in the cold. When you no longer need flotation, pull the ripcord to release the decks and stow them away. The FLIGHTdeck is available in two sizes: the smaller Gypsy (8" x 23"), is designed to be a fast and light version that carries up to 150 pounds over packed snow, and the larger Gemini (8.5" x 24") will carry heavier loads. The FLIGHTdeck works only with the Kahtoola FLIGHTboot.


Price MSRP: $185.00
Historic Range: $92.48-$184.95
Two sizes Gypsy (8" x 23") and Gemini (8.5" x 24")
Gypsy Weight 2.5 lbs (1134 g) per pair
Gemini Weight 2.68 lbs (1219 g) per pair
Materials aluminum frame, Hypalon decking and Pebax plastic, stainless steel crampons

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