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Blademedic Knife Sharpener

rated 5 of 5 stars Maybe we are leaving out of this that some knives get SO dull that the first step must be a reshaping with a file. Then go to the fine stuff for that final edge. This looks like a really well featured version of a number of available knife sharpening tools, but a small file is called for with a very dull/nicked blade, so don't expect miracles folks. Full review

Blademedic Knife Sharpener

rated 4.5 of 5 stars Inexpensive, small knife sharpener. From pocket knives to serrated edges to gut hooks, it comes in handy for many uses. Has brought two pocket knives back to life, though be careful as it can seem small for larger hands. I wouldn't recommend for anything bigger than 6" long knife. Background I've previously only owned a whetstone which I used on pocket knives and kitchen knives, but never used on any other knife (say, with a serrated edge) or any other hook or hooked-shaped implement.  When used… Full review

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