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Norrona Narvik Dri3 Pant

photo: Norrona Narvik Dri3 Pant waterproof pant says:
In the Men's Norrona Narvik dri3 Performance Shell Pant, you can feed the freeriding beast that lies within regardless of the weather. If you can stopping cackling like a demented witch long enough to get dressed, you'll feast on fresh face shots while boarding through a record-breaking blizzard without feeling the cold and snow that forces less fortunate fellows to falter. Tech takes the cake with robust waterproof and breathable protection, and style stays superior with a baggy cut and loose fit. Freeriding or big-mountain boarding, you'll stay dry and warm in this laid-back, ultra tough pant. The name kind of gives it away, but dri3 fabric is really a three-layer laminate laced with tech-talk: ultra-thin, stretchy, non-porous, and hydrophilic. In layman's terms, this means unless you have an on-mountain accident, your legs stay dry inside and out. You can ski through a storm that would frighten polar bears and not feel a flake against your legs. Or, if sun suits your style, create the bootpack for others to follow without getting bested by sweat. If the combo of high-energy activity and full-strength sun gets a bit much, open the thigh vents for a quick dump of heat. Loose legs mean you can layer up when the mercury won't budge from the bottom of the thermometer and not look like you're wearing your wife's leggings. Snow gaiters prevent dusty pow from prying into your boots. Cordura cuffs and internal lower leg reinforcements protect this pant from boot bruising and sharp edge cuts. The waist adjusts just in case you down an entire plate of nachos during lunch. Side cargo pockets hold snow-going essentials, like chocolate candies and lip balm.


Price Historic Range: $250.00
Price Historic Range: $250.00


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