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ENGO Blister Prevention Patches

photo:   ENGO Blister Prevention Patches footwear accessory


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An exceptional addition to your foot-care arsenal.


  • Easy to use
  • Effective in preventing blisters
  • Long lasting


  • The inside of your footwear must be super clean and dry, or the pad may not hold.

One of the best investments I've ever made was the book Fixing your Feet by John Vonhoff. The author is a veteran of many adventure races and ultra marathons, as a medical-tent worker, and has seen it all. And I have many foot issues to deal with... almost no arches at all, huge bunions, and long wide toes. So I've almost HAD it all.

One of the products which he recommends for blister-prevention is the Engo Blister pads. Instead of being applied to the foot like moleskin or glacier gels, these are applied to the inside of your footwear, where the blister causing abrasion begins. The pad has a slick teflon-like surface, so your foot is rubbing against a smooth, slick surface instead of a rough fabric or leather.

The adhesive pad is applied to the inside of your footwear where rubbing would commonly occur. For me that is the bunion and heel. My first try was with a favorite pair of Vasque boots which had a tendency to be tight on my bunions. The pad adhered easily and firmly, and for the first time, no bunion blisters. I put them in the boots over a year ago, and they are still there and working great.

Now they grace all of my hiking footwear, and the number of blisters I get on long hikes, has been reduced to nearly nothing.

It IS important that the surface inside your shoe is clean, dry, and free of tears, for the pad to stick smoothly. Other than that, they are easy to install, and should last a long time.


The pads come in several shapes—small and large ovals, a trapezoidal shape for heels, and large square pieces which can be cut to fit.

I highly recommend these for anyone plagued with blister problems. They really work! 

Source: bought it new
Price Paid: $16


Nice review, David. Thanks for the recommendation.

3 years ago
Jo Jo Morrison

I agree. These are brilliant if the blister/hot spot is being caused by something like a seam inside a shoe, or a sharp edge on the lip of an insole. Not a solution to every blister problem, but an arrow in my quiver I always want to pack.

3 years ago

The best solution for blister prevention while backpacking, trail running, or any other active endeavor that keeps you on your feet for extended periods.


  • Simple
  • Druable
  • Effective
  • Easy to apply
  • Versatile application


  • Expensive

Throughout my hiking/backpacking endeavors, I was plagued with a lifelong struggle with heel blisters.  The various methods and products I tried were marginally effective at best compared to the ENGO blister patches.

Dr Scholls moleskins would not stay in place for any reasonable time.

Duct tape is marginally effective and is what I used for years.

Then several years ago I found a small ad in the back of Backpacker Magazine.  The ad featured these blister patches.  I visited their website and checked out the features. 

  1. The patches are made of ultra slippery low friction tape with a super tacky tenacious glue on the application side. 
  2. Once applied carefully, the patches will stay in place in all kinds of situations.  I once hiked a 76 mile trail in extreme wet weather soaking through my boots for three days . While thoroughly wet, the patches held the whole trip, and not only did they hold on that trip they stayed in place for another additional trip I took later, only then  they needed replacement.
  3. The patches are extremely thin, take up no space in my first aid kit and I always carry two extra patches. 
  4. The patches come in white or blue. They can be attached directly to  your sock or the inside of your boot or running shoe. I have only used them attached to the inside of my boot at the contact point on my heel. This is a notorious hot spot for me when I carry a pack.  

I have purchased several sets from and they have provided me with prompt service through the US mail packaged in a padded envelope and they always include a packing slip confirming what I ordered. 


ENGO blister pads are a super simple highly effective way to prevent blisters. When dealing with blisters, preparation and prevention is only way to maintain your foot health. If you wait until you have blisters on the trail, you will surely be miserable for the rest of your hike. While using ENGO pads, I have experienced no blisters. Even in the toughest conditions, I have gone blister free and I am grateful for this product. 


Source: bought it new
Price Paid: $16

Nick Mesarhakis

I've recently been having some trouble in the 40+ pound area with my heels and these sound promising. Thanks for the review!

3 years ago

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