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rated 4.5 of 5 stars Sazzi's take on the traditional water sandal provides some unique and helpful innovations. Having independent toe movement helps with balance in a lot of situations. Also, the individual toe separators help stabilize your feet. These features, plus a comfortable fit and a sole that is very grippy in wet conditions, made this a winner for me. This is a follow up to my review of the Sazzi Decimal, a flip-flop with some unusual design features. For this review, Trailspace and Sazzi provided a size… Full review


rated 3.5 of 5 stars A unique revision of the flip-flop that has some nice foot stability and ground feel. Their light weight, relatively sticky sole, and improved toe motion makes them an interesting alternative for stream crossings. Unforgiving waterproof instep straps can create blister challenges, however. The individual toe separators did not feel great on steep downhills but otherwise did a very good job keeping my feet in place. Sazzi's take on the classic flip-flop offers some potentially interesting improvements. Full review

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Sazzi Footwear was founded by Mark Thatcher, founder of Teva. Sazzi represents his long standing aspirations for what he calls the perfect balance of innovation, style, performance, and comfort in a modernized sport sandal and a technical flip-flop.

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Teva sport sandal inventor debuts split-toe Sazzi
Back in the early '80s, Grand Canyon river guide Mark Thatcher invented the modern sport sandals by Teva. He's back with a new take on ancient sandals, Sazzi Footwear, split-toe versions based on the woven sandals of the Anasazi. Read more
January 20, 2012


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