Sazzi Footwear was founded by Mark Thatcher, founder of Teva. Sazzi represents his long standing aspirations for what he calls the perfect balance of innovation, style, performance, and comfort in a modernized sport sandal and a technical flip-flop.


Sazzi Footwear
844 Production Place
Newport Beach, CA 92663

phone: 855-87-SAZZI


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Sazzi Coverage in the Trailspace Blog

Teva sport sandal inventor debuts split-toe Sazzi
Back in the early '80s, Grand Canyon river guide Mark Thatcher invented the modern sport sandals by Teva. He's back with a new take on ancient sandals, Sazzi Footwear, split-toe versions based on the woven sandals of the Anasazi. Read more
January 20, 2012