Seek Outside Titanium Wood Stove - Medium

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Lightweight, packable, easy to assemble, titanium wood stove for hot tent winter camping. Not a cheap investment, but if you enjoy winter camping and getting out in the snow well worth the cost.


  • Ease of assembly
  • Lightweight
  • Size
  • Robust construction


  • Cost

I had bought 12 yards of silpoly seconds for a great price and decided to sew myself a hot tent. So after looking at some different stove options I decided the Seek Outside Medium Titanium Wood Stove would be the right size for what I had in mind.

It isn't the cheapest, nor the lightest available, but after reading up and watching as many videos as I could find I decided it was the right stove for me. My tent is 10' X 10' and 5'6" tall and is made from 1.1 oz/sq yrd SilPoly, the stove jack was made from a fiberglass fire blanket that I coated in high heat silicone for waterproofing. 


The stove is very robust, yet light enough at 1.2 Kg, including the nice black nylon carrying bag and a 7' chimney, that carrying it in a backpack isn't at all hard. Controlling the burn rate is made simple with a smoke pipe damper/spark arrestor and a well thought out fresh air damper that has an agled piece of metal that prevents hot coals from coming out of the stove.

The stove is extremely easy to assemble. The hardest part was the initial rolling of the chimney, after the stove is "burnt in" the titanium retains its shape and unrolling it every time after is a breeze. It basically takes shape by itself with hardly any coaxing.

The stove itself is made up of two sides, two ends, a top and bottom, and four legs that also secure everything together and raise the stove off the ground to a hieght of 12".

The dimensions are 8.25" tall / 8.25" wide / 10" long. It has a good sized sliding door making feeding the stove fairly easy and can be converted to Seek Outside's large size stove with an additional kit that includes two sides and a top and bottom and increases the overall length by 4". You just use your front and back panels and smoke pipe.

I took just my 800 ml ti pot with me, but the top is large enough that I could have squeezed a small kettle on there as well. I took dehydrated meals with me and boiling water was very quick.
I have only just tested it out on a weekend hike. The nighttime temperatures were around -5° C and we had just got our first sprinkling of snow here in Southern Ontario. The stove easily got the tent up to 25° C. and the layers started to come off.

Being titanium it is not like a cast iron stove and doesn't hold heat for very long, so refueling it is a constant chore. I found using ash and birch it would keep the fire going for a little over an hour at a time. I suggest you drink lots of tea before bed, thus ensuring that you keep the stove full all night long :)

I'm looking forward to getting out a lot more this winter to enjoy the snow.


The tent and stove combined are a little over 5 lbs and everything I needed easily fit into my Karrimore SF Sabre 45l backpack, including my folding stool.

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Price Paid: $350 USD


5lbs isn't bad considering what you are carrying! Thanks for the review.

3 years ago

Nice review, Ross! Thanks for taking the time to share it and your pictures.

3 years ago
Andy Gotto

I think this is the coolest thing I’ve ever seen! I also like the MEC thermometer. My REI is red and it often makes it hard to read the mercury.

3 years ago

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