Sierra Designs Outside-In Hoody

photo: Sierra Designs Outside-In Hoody fleece jacket

Rather than develop a layering system where the user adds and subtracts, Sierra Designs turned the layering paradigm "outside in." Its Outside-In Hoody has a wind-resistant nylon layer and a fleecy warm layer.

For high aerobic output activities, like ascending a peak, the user wears the smooth nylon on the inside to encourage breathability. For lower aerobic output activities, like taking a break at the summit, the user turns the garment outside in, and puts the warm, fleecy layer on the inside, increasing wind-resistance and reducing heat loss.


Price MSRP: $179.00
Current Retail: $106.51
Historic Range: $29.00-$179.95
Weight 17.5 oz
Price Current Retail: $107.10-$125.99
Historic Range: $106.55-$179.95


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