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Alaska Long Down Skirt

rated 5 of 5 stars I never would have guessed a skirt could be warmer than pants, but it is! Having evaluated this Skhoop Long Down Skirt in Patagonia, Argentina, I learned this goose down filled skirt is something that will block wind and keep you warmer than pants! A skirt will trap heat with minimal surface area (one tube) to exchange heat with the cold, whereas pants (two tubes) have more surface area, thus more area for cold to take over. (Ask an engineer versed in thermodynamics.) I found the long skirt useful… Full review

Gretchen Windstopper Mini Skirt

rated 4 of 5 stars SKHOOP's Gretchen may draw you in with its good looks, but it's not a skirt to take lightly. A flattering insulated skirt, the Gretchen provides an extra layer of warmth in the backcountry and incorporates side stretch panels for easy layering and unrestricted movement. This skirt is worn comfortably hiking, snowshoeing, backcountry nordic skiing, and around town. While I could certainly survive in the backcountry without it, I've found myself bringing it along, unwilling to part with it, on many… Full review

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Skhoopestablished in 1999 by Sissi Kewenter in Are, Sweden, is primarily known for its insulated skirts. The company now makes jackets, insulated skirts, merino wool baselayers, and more for women.


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