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Snowpulse Highmark Pro 3.0 PAS

photo: Snowpulse Highmark Pro 3.0 PAS avalanche airbag pack says:
As sleds and riders get better and better, it's getting easier and easier to get into the backcountry, and the number of avalanche accidents is correspondingly on the rise. Heavy snowmobiles can trigger seriously deep avalanches, making training, education, and decision-making skills essential for every rider who ventures into the mountains. It's also never a bad idea to carry an avalanche airbag pack like the Highmark Pro Protection Airbag System 3. 0 Backpack with you, to help you stay above the snow if you do get caught in a slide. The Pro features Snowpulse's Protection Airbag System, which inflates behind your head and over your chest (imagine a roller-coaster harness) in an effort to keep you above the debris and facing uphill to increase the odds that your mouth and airway will remain clear. Once the pack is positioned correctly (extremely important, as the airbag won't deploy properly if it isn't), just pull the shoulder-mounted handle and the airbag will inflate in just a few seconds. (Please note that the refillable compressed air cartridge necessary for deployment is sold separately and must be filled before use.) The airbag is also bright red, helping searchers to locate you quickly and easily. Snowpulse didn't forgo storage capacity in order to make the Pro a top-shelf airbag pack. It has plenty of room to comfortably carry food, water, layers, and all your backcountry essentials. There's also an external pocket for your shovel blade, a shovel handle carrying system, and an internal probe sleeve for easy access to all your avy tools, should you need them. You can even keep your eyewear safe in the fleece-lined goggle pocket. To dial in the fit, simply adjust the aluminum frame and hip belt which, along with the chest strap, ensure that the Pro stays securely attached, because it won't do you much good if you end up getting separated. Please remember, an airbag is NOT a promise of backcountry safety. Avalanches are dangerous, and should be avoide...


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