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TATO Gear Element Titanium Wood Stove

photo: TATO Gear Element Titanium Wood Stove wood stove


assembled folded
Price MSRP: $54.95
Reviewers Paid: $55.00
Weight 5 oz / 141 g
Dimensions 4 3/4 x 3 1/4 x 4 1/2 in 6 x 5 1/2 x 3/8 in
Material Titanium


1 review
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What hiker doesn't enjoy a campfire? With the Element twig stove, a bit of your favorite fire starter, fire source, and a handful of twigs you can cook your food and boil your water without carrying the fuel or stove.

The Element folds flat, doubles as a windscreen for an alcohol stove to boot. At 5 oz. this twig stove is fine for backpacking and is versatile enough to bake and with the addition of a small cleaver titanium grill by Dutchware you can grill small in small quantities.

If you love to play with fire, backpack, or camp solo you might just find the Element a useful part of your kit.


  • Lightweight
  • Compact
  • Efficient
  • Made well with quality components


  • Not ideal for more that 1
  • Must purchase a grill from a 3rd party

After reading reviews of wood stoves, I was undecided which one would best fit my budget and yet-to-be-defined hiking style. Being new to backpacking and leaning toward hammocks I opted to attend a group outing put on by the newly formed Palmetto State Hangers, a hammock centric camping group. That was three years ago and I must say I've enjoyed the journey as well as the meals I prepared with the Element.

After taking in the reviews of various wood stoves I wanted the Bush Buddy, but the price tag was more than I wanted to pay. It just so happened that the TATO gear guy was also attended the inaugural Fall Sprawl as well. Even better, he brought some of his product to sell, and I bought the Element and saved the shipping charge.

The cool thing about a twig stove is here on the East Coast there is an abundance of twigs and sticks, so with a quick walk around most campsites and a small knife at the most you've got fuel.

Assembling the stove is a snap. The base has 4 tongues that slip easily into a slot on the lower portion of each of the 4 sides of the stove, starting with the side opposite of the hinged door and folding the sides around and lining the hinges up and sliding the pin in. There are only 4 pieces: the sides, base plate, hinge pin and 2 risers to create an air gap under the pot.

I've used a Ketalist, 10 and 12cm IMUSA pots on it with no problem. I've had a couple dozen fires and alcohol stove uses and the stove is standing up quite well. There is a little discoloration and warping of the sides, but I'm a little particular about my gear and clean it regularly. To keep the soot accumulation down.

With an accumulation of coals and a low flame I've dry baked with the Element and with the addition of the Flyz Grill I've cooked a few chunks of steak, burgers, and dogs. Select dry hardwoods for minimal soot and unwanted flavors.  I've only dry baked on the Element with the IMUSA pots, a 10 cm inside the 12 cm. Since those pots only cost a little over $5 for the pair I don't mind the soot on those.

I haven't really taken the Element out in rainy and soggy conditions. I'm kinda a dry weather guy when it comes to hanging out in the woods. The new Element has a more boxy stance with improved venting and you can buy more than one to create a mini fire ring or toss on a larger grill which quells one drawback of the initial version so now you can cook for two with one fire. 

If you cook in the woods the Element just might fit a niche in your pack like it does in mine. the product page:

Product Specs-

  • Assembled – 4 3/4 X 3 1/4 X 4 1/2 Tall
  • Folded – 6  X  5 1/2 X  3/8
  • 5.oz (141 grams)
  • Titanium








I know the ground should be protected, but it's my property.


Grilled a chicken breast, split it after leaving it on one side too long, took about 15 minutes on the Dutch Ti Flyz Grill. The stove is better suited for cooking with a pot or pan. The grill is too small and difficult to use as the grill slides around while turning food. The grill does fine with hot dogs and similar products.

Also note that charring of the ground is minimal, use foil or stones for best results, but a little scuffing with the shoe and you've almost left no trace with no barrier.

Source: bought it new
Price Paid: $55


Thanks for sharing another helpful review, dirtwheels, and the first of a Tato Gear product. I'll look forward to seeing your pictures too.

7 years ago

AM, I don't do a lot of pics but there are a few. Who doesn't want a stove that is designed to have it's name glowing in flames. There are only 2 outlets that sell the stove, Tato gear and Dutchware.

7 years ago

Thanks! I do like the glowing cutouts. Nice effect.

7 years ago

Nice review! Looks like an interesting product. In the off chance you have some time, could you take a picture of it next to something for scale (like a water bottle), and also potentially folded as well?

7 years ago

Thanks TJ, I do not have those pics but the pot on top of the last pic is an IMUSA 12, hit the tato gear website for more pics and I will check to see if I have a pic with a more common item for perspective. Also note the household teaspoon beside the stove on the foil that was used to protect the wood table.

7 years ago

I've read a few reviews on Twig stoves that the work to keep feeding the fire is a strong con. What do you think? And nice shout out to Dutchware. I've got a couple reviews on his gear hear on Trailspace.

7 years ago

Goose, I personally kind of enjoy feeding the stove, and if you only are putting small twigs in you might have to feed it a lot. However there is a side door on the Element that allows you to feed larger sticks in and just keep pushing them in. These are not gassifier burners so I suggest a nice custom cozy to keep the pot from spreading the soot. I can boil water with little fuss, simmering and baking takes a little more thought and effort. Playing with fire, it's therapy for me though.

7 years ago

Awesome pics! Thank you for such a thorough review!

7 years ago

Thanks TJ.

7 years ago

Nice review! great pics too. I love the use of the Crown ditty bag. And YAY for Dutchware! I will be posting soon about my Dutch bling for my hammock. I played around some with my Solo stove in the backyard but have yet to get in the backcountry with it. Looking forward to it...agree that feeding a fire is zen. Keep having fun!

7 years ago

Thanks Lah, I look forward to seeing your reviews.

7 years ago

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