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Therm-a-Rest Men's ProLite Plus

photo: Therm-a-Rest Men's ProLite Plus self-inflating sleeping pad

The ProLite Plus replaced the Therm-a-Rest ProLite 4.


Price MSRP: $104.95
Current Retail: $94.95-$124.95
Historic Range: $39.95-$129.95
Reviewers Paid: $40.00-$115.00
R-Value 3.2


9 reviews
5-star:   5
4-star:   3
3-star:   0
2-star:   1
1-star:   0

I love this bit of kit. Never leave on a camping trip without it.

Ive had this pad for 3 years, and have climbed Mt Blanc and Mt Lhotse with it. On my last trip, I slept 2 nights at 26,000 ft and did not feel the cold creeping through from underneath. I have also slept in the open forests, under a tarp. The pad has never failed me. The valve has never leaked and is as good as new. I tend to leave the pad rolled up when not in use, and that hasnt adversely effected the pad at all.

Source: bought it new
Price Paid: $150


26K feet? Wow, hard core.

7 years ago

Great pad, comfortable, and warm.


  • Extra padding


  • Requires multiple foldings to pack the pad for backpacking

I sleep cold. I remember being comfortable only when I was sharing a double bag with my husband. With a renewed interest in backpacking we decided to upgrade our sleeping systems. I tend to go toward the ultra light way of thinking and so I chose to purchase a short version of the ProLite Plus. My pad weighs 17 ounces which is more then my old closed cell pad, which I cut off short as well. Some folks will say they don't like their feet hanging off but it doesn't bother me. Of course I am not sleeping in sub-zero degree weather.

Recently we did a short weekend trip. The overnight temperature dipped to 28 degrees Fahrenheit and we were using a tarp shelter. I have to say that under these conditions in the past I would have been mighty cold and I probably would have put more clothes on but the combination of my sleeping bag, an REI 20 plus degree down fill, and my Therm-a-Rest ProLite Plus kept me toasty.

I really like the way you can air up the pad so that it is very firm. I tend to blow extra air in and adjust after laying down for a while to get the right comfort.

On the down side it takes several foldings and air being let out for the pad to get small enough for packing. I see that is a regular complaint, so I think it is just the extra foam that causes this problem. 

Overall I would recommend this pad. Therm-a Rest pads are a little pricey which is one reason why I have not purchased one in the past. If you are going to spend more then a couple of nights on the ground you deserve a sleeping pad that will help you rest better.

Source: bought it new
Price Paid: $40 (Hot Deal)

This is a very light compact comfortable mattress. Rolls into a small package for easy storage in pack. Great for long haul backpacking trip or just the weekender.


  • Self inflating
  • Size verses comfort is good
  • Small compact size


  • Slow to inflate
  • Can be hard to compress down

This is a great product either for the weekender or long haul 4- to 8-day trip in the backcountry mattress. The Pro-Lite holds up to the standards one would expect from Therm-a-Rest.

The mattress once unrolled and valve opened begins to inflate. It is slow to inflate and have had to add couple of "puffs" to fully inflate. This is not a real downfall though given the comfort of this mattress. Fits nicely in my Zagroi bivy sack due to its mummy bag shapes. 

The nice thing about this is the compact design when it is deflated making for easy packing. Takes little effort to get it down to size but this is offset by the comfort of the mattress. The mattress meets the same quality standards of my previous Therm-a-Rest mattress as far as construction, but time will be the ultimate test. 

My first use was in the small primitive campsite in Newfoundland this June temps running down to as low as 27 deg F. The mattress provided good insulation from the ground and was far more comfortable then my 10-year-old Therm-a-Rest Trail version.

I have used Therm-a-Rest products based on their quality and recommendations from other more experienced hikers. Therm-a-Rest builds a quality product based on my first and this new, which was a gift, was still quite happy with my old one, but this one exceeds the first one in size and comfort. 

Source: received it as a personal gift


Thanks for the review. I'm shopping for a pad for an upcoming trip, where hammocks aren't an option.

7 years ago

Thanks for the review, newfiebound. What a nice gift! I've always been impressed with how comfortably the Pro-Lite sleeps with such minimal thickness/weight.

7 years ago

Not the lightest, but definitely one of the more reliable and must have for any pack.


  • Quite comfortable
  • Reliable and well constructed
  • Self inflating
  • Breaks down easily


  • Slightly on the heavy side

I have owned my sleep pad for several years now and have enjoyed its reliability, comfort, and ease to use. It easily inflates and deflates when done with and while it is a little cumbersome to deal with when deflated I have found it is not a problem to roll up and stuff into my pack which I use it as a back cushion (between my gear and back).

It is a little on the heavier side and of my standard gear it is one of the heaviest. The weight I have for it (minus bag) is 1 lb. 6 oz. That said I have no other complaints.

Source: bought it new
Price Paid: $115

Great pad!! I would buy again for sure!


  • Superior comfort
  • Compact
  • respectably light


  • Still waiting to find any

I don't give a lot of "5" stars because there is usually some sort of Con to the product. This pad has none. It is beyond words comfortable. 

You fill it up, close off the cap, lay down on it and open the cap to purge air until you find your comfort. Simple. It is light and compact. When you roll it up, once you get to the end, close off the cap. That makes it very easy to work with when putting it back in the bag.

Source: bought it new (Google "shopping" tab)
Price Paid: I don't remember

This is the best mattress around. For those of you who like a semi-firm bed, this is the mattress for you. The baffling system is amazing. The pad doesn't bulge out on the sides when you sit on it, either. I usually let some air out and never hit the ground.  

I have had some problems with little small punctures in the bottom but I sealed them right up with some Seam Grip. That's why there's only 4 stars.  

Also, some people have noted how the stuff sack is too small. You all obviously don't know how to roll it up. You have to open the valve, fold it in half, and sit on it gently. Next, fold it in half again, and sit on it again, and so on... Then you have to close the valve, and roll it up how you got it.

The stuff sack is not too small, nor too big. By all means, get the stuff sack. It's worth the money.

Price Paid: $69.95

I own ProLite Plus Sleeping Pad. It's wonderful. Comfortable. I love it and warm. It's great in winter.

Price Paid: $5

Prior to purchasing this I only had a cheap foam pad, so I don't have a lot to compare it to in real outdoor use. The difference between my old pad and this one is like night and day.

I sleep on my side and my hip has never touched the ground in the past year of using this pad. I find it to be very soft and warm to sleep on, which is great after a long day of hiking. I have a much easier time falling asleep while using it.

The top and bottom of the pad are both textured so that it doesn't slip around and that your sleeping bag doesn't slip around. The pad is not noisy at all like the NeoAir. It packs up relatively small, and I didn't have any difficulty attaching it to my pack with a single strap. I also find it to be very light weight considering it's thickness.

There are two minor issues with this product. One is that the stuff sack is excessively small. I just bought a different one at REI that it slips into easily, problem solved.

The other is that it is a bit narrow, I would prefer it to be just a couple of inches wider. However, the consequence for this would be increased weight and bulk.

Overall, I think this is the best thing I could have purchased. I tried a number of pads at REI and none of them fit the bill like this one.

Price Paid: $89

After 14 years I needed to replace my old Thermarest. I first tried the new Neo air mattress, but decided against it because of the bounciness and air-mattress feeling.

The choice than fell upon the Prolite Plus. Weight was one of the prime issues. When I came home and weighed the mattress it showed 772 grams instead of the claimed 680 grams (+14%). I think this is an unacceptable difference for a product that has weight as one of its prime marketing issues. I probably will return it for a money back.

rated 4.50 of 5 stars All ProLite Plus versions

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