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U.S. Military CMG Infinity Ultra Flashlight

rated 4.5 of 5 stars

The CMG Infinity Ultra Flashlight has been discontinued. If you're looking for something new, check out the best flashlights for 2024.

Absolutely the best pocket flashlight to date made in the world, and I own a lot of flashlights!! I keep mine around my neck 24-7.

Price Paid: $25

When dependability is paramount.


  • Simple design
  • Uses easily available batteries
  • Provides sufficient illumination in an emergency when no other light source is available
  • Can be easily carried: key ring-lanyard-neck chain/cord-pocket-shoulder bag-etc.
  • Does precisely what it was designed to do: Be there when you need it.


  • None

I have a number of these lights, one of which has a blue led, and I love every one of them. I own many flashlights purchased over many years.

The CMG Infinity and Infinity Ultra are two of the best last resort emergency illumination tools I have ever owned. NEVER has one of them let me down.

They are not designed to illuminate a football field or land F-18's on a carrier deck and should not be held accountable for not fulfilling such tasks. They were designed to be simple, easily carried, and ruggedly made dependable sources of light when all else failed. And they are just that. 


I'm 76 years old and have used flashlights all my life. Enough said!

Source: bought it new
Price Paid: Varied but reasonable and worth the price.

Version reviewed: MilSpec

The CMG Infinity Ultra Flashlight is an aluminum barreled, 1-AA cell LED flashlight that provides bright light for up to 25 hours from a single battery. The U.S. military has adopted a more powerful version of the Ultra for their own use, which is the model I own.

The light comes only in dark green, with a stamped military stock number and 'US Government' in white as the only other marking. This CMG Ultra light has an improved LED bulb and standard, heavy-duty all-aluminum housing that holds 1 AA battery.

This flashlight is compact, lite, sturdy, waterproof and shock-resistant and produces a bright white light unequaled by two civilian LED headlamps I also own. It's compact enough to ride comfortably in a pocket until needed, or even clipped to the visor of your hat.

Price Paid: $18

I bought this with a red L.E.D. It is an excellent close proximity light and back-up light. Currently I use a P.T. Apex, Mini Maglite with Luxon 1 watt LED replacement and this (Gerber) Infinity Ultra. Lightweight and all use AA size batteries.

I've dropped and dunked the flashlight with little more than a few scratches. Overall I'm very pleased with the durability. The light is very handy for reading at night or that middle of the night restroom visit.

Price Paid: $16

I have used mine every day for over ten years. Even drove my truck over it to prove a point. Hang it around my neck for low light encounters.

Price Paid: $12

This flashlight is ok but is another case of you get what you pay for. The LED in this thing is way underpowered. Yes, you can see by it in the dead of night but not much further then 15 or so feet. It's power to weight ratio just isn’t that good. When your life depends on something and you’re concerned about performance/weight these flashlights just don’t add up.

The reason I give this flashlight even 3 stars is because of its price. If it cost any more then $25 I would only give it 2 stars. If you want a real flashlight check out any of SureFire’s flashlight series. I have an L4 and pitting it against the Infinity Ultra is like pitting a match against a 6 D cell mag light.

When your life depends on the equipment you bring make sure you bring the best. This flashlight just doesn’t cut it on that level.

Price Paid: $19 +

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