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rated 4 of 5 stars Comparison of the USMC ILBE vs Eberlestock v90 Battleship backpacks with the focus on winter camping usage. For Winter Camping and Expeditions you need a really HUGE backpack. I own both the Eberlestock v90 Battleship and a USMC ILBE pack. I shall compare and contrast these with emphasis on winter camping. Both packs have online reviews on military use, hunting, and expeditions. Both packs have good reviews on TRAILSPACE. Battleship frontBattleship side Battleship Camo The Eberlestock v90 Battleship… Full review


rated 5 of 5 stars By far the best pack at even double its price. It's an Arc'teryx Bora in disguise and Cadillac in comfort. This mama will carry a HEAVY load in comfort and last for lifetimes; that's plural. I bought the first one three years ago in "very good condition" from ammocanman on eBay for $135 shipped and liked it so much that when I recently saw a new one from a smaller vendor on eBay for $100 I jumped on it and gave the first to my 36-year-old son. FYI; they cost the military $700+ per unit. What a bargain… Full review

Mickey Mouse Boot

rated 5 of 5 stars If your feet get cold on winter outings, or your feet sweat and then freeze, these are the boots for you. They are a little heavy, but I have also hiked in them. Well worth the added weight, the insulation is sandwiched between two layers of rubber. The boot can literally fill with water and your feet will stay warm. It's like a dry suit for your feet. The sizes seem to run a little large. I wear a 11.5 to 12 shoe, but a size 10 Mickey Mouse boot. I have both the black and white versions, the white… Full review


rated 1 of 5 stars Primitive, heavy, and outdated, an Alice Pack would never make it into my gear collection. We used these in the NZ Army back in the '80s. Like a lot of the gear back then it was 1960s Vietnam era.Back in those days the gear was so bad that soldiers would go out and buy their own gear, mostly civilian issue.  SAS soldiers used to go out and buy MacPac and Fairydown backpacks. The Alice Packs were just not capable of carrying sufficient load comfortably and I can only suggest they are basically rubbish. Full review


rated 4 of 5 stars Not a bad pack as long as you are aware of the strengths and weaknesses of the design. The as-issued ALICE does the job and holds up well to rough use, but it lacks the comfort of more modern designs and the refinements and fashionable trends of civilian products. However, upgrade the straps and the waist belt with MOLLE II replacements and you've got one solid feeling pack that is comfortable and does just about anything you want a pack to do while remaining simple in nature. Consider adding the… Full review

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