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U.S. Military Fire Starter Trioxane Fuel Bars

photo: U.S. Military Fire Starter Trioxane Fuel Bars fire starter


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U.S. Military Fire Starter Trioxane Fuel Bars: These fire starter bars will start a fire in the winter with wet conditions. They are not as good as ESBIT.


  • Starts a fire from a metal rod
  • Good for starting a wood fire
  • Can be used to light several fires — use a small piece


  • Toxic
  • Surplus, can be old and no good anymore

U.S. Military Fire Starter Trioxane Fuel Bars


This comes with MREs.
You should always have one of these in your pack for emergencies.

Trioxane tabs are on eBay. They can be purchased for about fifteen cents each.

The new ones are three and one half inches long. They are scored twice to break apart so you have three tabs for a nickel each. They produce an instant, very hot, blue flame, just like propane. The old ones, a small tab, burned for three minutes and twenty seconds. The new longer ones burn about 10 minutes.

For the uninformed, these tabs were made to heat MRE's or for using in Esbit type stoves. Additionally, they are individually packed in a sealed foil package. 

Source: bought it used
Price Paid: $15 for a 12 pack

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