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Trail Freak

rated 5 of 5 stars Fantastic barefoot shoes with surprising longevity and versatility. I've used one pair for regular trail running and gyming and they've lasted much longer than I expected. I've taken these canyoning in the Blue Mountains because I'd misplaced my Volleys and they even worked for that! Barefoot shoes aren't for everyone, but if they're your thing, these are brilliant. Very light (you barely notice them), and very breathable. Full review

Ultra Pure

rated 4.5 of 5 stars A great, lightweight camp and water sport shoe! So far, I am extremely thrilled with this shoe. I was looking for a lightweight camping shoe to take backpacking, I wanted something more than the flip flop but nothing quite and heavy/big/clunky as crocs. These shoes don't squash down too terribly well, but they are light and easy to strap to the outside of my pack. They are great for around camp, tying the bear bag, late night trips into the brush, etc. They let your feet breathe and you can wear… Full review

Ultra Pure

rated 5 of 5 stars Best gym shoe ever, not for outdoors. I use this as weightlifting shoes cuz they're flat. I use them when I go to boxing gym, around house, tough exterior sole will wear out faster if used on concrete and asphalt. I think theses are the best gym shoes. I haven't worn them for water stuff, but it seems to me that these are really gym shoes more than anything else. Sole is descent but I wouldn't wear them outdoors. p.s. Sole is same material is upper, runs true to size but forefoot will be bigger… Full review


rated 4.5 of 5 stars Another great shoe by Vivo! This minimalist shoe is a must-have for any hikers out there who prefer breathability and maneuverability over ankle support. I recommend this shoe! I wear an 11.5 and that was what I ordered. The shoe fits great all around. There is the nice snug fit you want while hiking for both the toes and the heel, but it is not so tight that it gets uncomfortable. There is virtually no breaking in needed as it is a shoe and not a boot. I have hiked 100+ miles in them and have… Full review

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Vivo Barefoot is owned by Terra Plana and designs barefoot footwear.


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