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MSR Reactor Receives Rock and Ice B.I.G. Award

The MSR (Mountain Safety Research) Reactor Stove System has received Rock and Ice magazine’s B.I.G. (Best in Gear) Award for 2007. This award highlights the best and most innovative gear in a category. All gear under consideration has been tested by Rock and Ice’s editorial staff. The Reactor is the first stove to get the award, and was the only stove selected out of twenty that were tested by the magazine’s staff.

“The Reactor has helped redefine what is possible in a camping stove,” said Jon Almquist, MSR Global Brand Manager. “We are pleased that Rock and Ice, a magazine that reaches our core audience of alpinists, climbers and mountaineers, has chosen to recognize the innovative technology and unprecedented performance of this stove system.”

The MSR Reactor introduces new technology to the world of portable camp stoves. A patent-pending burner features two modes of heat transfer, convective and radiant, to generate maximum heat output; while an integrated heat exchanger completely encloses the radiant burner. The MSR Reactor also features an internal regulator, which equalizes fuel pressure for consistent flame output in all temperatures. As a result of these breakthrough technologies, the stove provides maximum efficiency and achieves an unrivaled boil time, allowing for superior performance in all conditions.

The MSR Reactor will be available in stores worldwide beginning April 2007.


Apparently REI has removed this stove/cook set from its shelves because of a problem with a weld.

Hi Jim,

I checked in with Cascade Designs/MSR after I read your post to find out the status of the Reactor and was told that the Reactor hasn’t actually hit store shelves yet (so it couldn’t have been taken off shelves). However, MSR has been a tad delayed in releasing the Reactor and is now wrapping up their 65-step “Quality Assurance Validation” process, the last phase of the development and release process.

The Reactor is still due out this spring and an announcement of its release will be posted on MSR’s web site at

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