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MSR Reactor Wins ispo OutDoor Award

Munich, Germany – The MSR (Mountain Safety Research) Reactor Stove System has been named a winner of the ispo OutDoor Award for best outdoor innovation in the travel category for 2007/2008. The award is based on such criteria as function, quality, technical solutions and the level of innovation. MSR competed against leading manufacturers of outdoor products from more than 70 countries around the world.

The MSR Reactor introduces new technology to the world of portable camp stoves. A patent-pending burner features two modes of heat transfer, convective and radiant, to generate maximum heat output; while an integrated heat exchanger completely encloses the radiant burner. The MSR Reactor also features an internal regulator, which equalizes fuel pressure for consistent flame output in all temperatures. As a result of these breakthrough technologies, the stove provides maximum efficiency and achieves an unrivaled boil time, allowing for superior performance in real-world conditions.

The jury recognized numerous standout qualities in the Reactor, citing that the stove “paid meticulous attention to detail” and that it is “a stellar performer under challenging and adverse conditions such as storms or low air pressure. Particularly noteworthy is a significant reduction in fuel consumption, while the stove’s heating performance has been improved remarkably.”

The MSR Reactor will be available in stores worldwide beginning April 2007.


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