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Black Diamond goes Pro with FlickLock redesign

by Alicia MacLeay
February 6, 2012

The new FlickLock Pro locking mechanism from Black Diamond has twice the holding strength, a lower profile, and stainless-steel construction.

The new FlickLock Pro debuts on all adjustable Black Diamond ski poles for fall/winter 2012.

For 17 years, Black Diamond's FlickLock mechanism set the standard for secure, strong, and easy locking of adjustable trekking and ski poles.

The new stainless steel FlickLock Pro improves upon the classic with twice the holding force of the original and a lower profile design. The FlickLock Pro will appear in fall/winter 2012 ski poles and spring/summer 2013 trekking poles from Black Diamond.

This is the first significant redesign of the FlickLock in its 17-year-history, beyond some cosmetic changes and a slightly different camming lobe added about six years ago. The original 1993 patent on the FlickLock ran out in 2010, after which several other outdoor brands began offering similar lever locks on their poles.

With the FlickLock Pro, Black Diamond aimed to reduce the overall volume, maintain an easy to close lever action, and produce the most secure pole locking mechanism on the market.

The new FlickLock Pro features:

  • twice the holding strength of the original FlickLock,
  • 20 percent lower profile,
  • stronger, more durable stainless-steel construction (versus plastic), and
  • a slightly heavier weight (the FlickLock Pro is 20 g, FlickLock is 16 g).

Like the original FlickLock, the FlickLock Pro owes some design credit to climbing cams.

"The FlickLock Pro uses a dual axle design, similar to the mechanism in a BD Camalot," said John DiCuollo for Black Diamond. "The camming action enables the FlickLock Pro to be easy to close, while being the most secure pole locking mechanism on the market." 

To handle the higher clamping force that the dual axle cam provides, Black Diamond had to use stainless steel in the FlickLock Pro, which accounts for the slightly heavier weight, but more durable construction.

For skiers and winter trekkers, the new FlickLock Pro will appear on all adjustable Black Diamond ski poles in fall/winter 2012. Black Diamond's 2012 Touring Series ski poles also will have longer straps and its 2012 Freeride Series ski poles will have new grips and straps.

For hikers and backpackers, the FlickLock Pro will be available on premium trekking poles in Black Diamond's Alpine and Z-Pole lines for spring 2013.