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Nemo Offers Limited Edition Sleeping Bags

by Alicia MacLeay
May 3, 2012

The women's Rhapsody has a Spoon Shape design, which allows you to bend and move your knees. Available in 15° or 30°.

No need to wait till the 2013 launch of NEMO's inaugural sleeping bag line. Starting this fall, side sleepers can stretch, turn, and try their own Spoon Shape sleeping bags on for size.

Backcountry couples also will be able to cozy up in a two-person, 3-pound, down sleep system. Ultralighters and fastpackers can try out a 1-pound-2-ounce down quilt. And down-phobes can stay drier in water-repellent DownTek insulation.

This summer, NEMO is sewing about 600 limited edition sleeping bags from its forthcoming product line. Reserve one now, and you'll get it September 2012, in advance of NEMO'S spring 2013 product line launch. Every limited edition bag will come hand-numbered, with a limited edition label, and a signed letter from the NEMO team. 

NEMO's 2013 sleeping bag line, its first, includes:

  • four models of Spoon Shape bags with PrimaLoft Synergy insulation: men's Rhythm 25° and 40° and women's Harmony 25° and 40° ($229.95-$269.95);
  • four models of Spoon Shape bags with 700 fill down insulation: men's Nocturne 15° and 30° and women's Rhapsody 15° and 30° ($349.95-$419.95);
  • Muse 40° two-in-one duvet system with 700 fill ($249.95);
  • Strato Loft 25° roomy, rectangular bag with 700 fill ($369.95);
  • Tango Duo 30° two-person, 700 fill, backless sleep system that pairs with Nemo's Cosmo inflatable pads ($449.95);
  • lightweight Siren 30° for fastpackers and ultralighters with 850 down fill (1 lb 2 oz, $349.95);
  • Canon -40° with 850 fill down, center zip, and Stove Pipe for high altitude use (available 2013 only, price TBD).

The 2012 limited edition bags are the same NEMO bags at the same price, as the full 2013 line.

"We've done extensive testing on these designs and have made many changes along the way from tester and lab feedback. We don't envision making changes unless we encounter a major issue," said Kate Ketschek, NEMO's Director of Public Relations.

The Spoon Shape bags are designed wider at the shoulders and knees to allow for natural bending and shifting.

All of the 700 down fill bags will use water-repellent DownTek nanotechnology insulation.

And, each limited edition bag includes a special kit of materials curated during the design and production process.

"Being a new product line for us, it's also a good way to test the market," said Ketschek of the advance products. "We can determine which designs are popular and in turn help retailers when they place their orders. We're taking the risk and guesswork out of it for them, which I imagine will be appreciated."

Ketschek also sees it as a customer relations program. "We were so pleased with the Adventure Product Testers — the customers who entered our gear tester contest, along with retail partners and our usual testers — that we wanted a way to thank them for all of their hard work," said Ketschek.

"And we have such a core following of customers who have supported us over the years that giving them the opportunity to get in on this new product line ahead of the full launch, just seemed like the perfect way to do it. We are really proud of this latest endeavor and are excited to complete the NEMO sleep system."

You can reserve your own NEMO sleeping bag on a first come, first-served basis at Or just see how many are available in each model (only eight Sirens left, as of today).