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Gear Aid TV: Watch DIY Repair Videos

“We believe that quality gear shouldn’t be disposable,” said David Wiggs, vice-president of marketing at Gear Aid, a repair and maintenance brand from McNett.

Gear Aid recently launched Gear Aid TV, a YouTube channel devoted to DIY gear repair and maintenance videos for outdoor equipment, clothing, and footwear. The short videos feature repair tips, product recommendations (like Seam Grip, Aquaseal, and ReviveX, all from McNett, naturally), and application guidelines. 

“From rips and tears in outerwear, to delaminating tent floors, to stuck zippers, Gear Aid offers all the products, tips and information you need to extend the life of the gear you’ve invested in. Before you trash it, restore it, reuse it or pass it on to help get others outside,” said Wiggs.

The videos are short (less than one minute), covering just the basics of how to make repairs in the field or at home. They also serve as a reminder to take care of your gear for proper performance and a long product life.

Here's one on sealing your tent floor with Tent Sure:

And how to repair a broken zipper with the Zipper Repair Kit:

Gear Aid says it's gearing up to film more DIY repairs before camping season ends.

What gear repair video would you want to watch?

Watch Gear Aid TV:


That guy looks like Mr. Bean, just sayin.

I would like to see a 1 minute video on resoling boots. Or maybe a how to video on how to fix my tent after it has been engulfed in flames...Oh the possibilities are endless.

Okay, on a serious note.

I really think this is great. Hey let's face it; not everyone knows how to do repairs whether it be at home or more importantly in field(the latter of which could put ones safety at risk.)

Thanks for sharing this with us.

I am going to do the same and pass this forward to all those that I think could benefit from it's content.


I've got an old Metolius Rope Bag that has a silicone impregnated nylon tarp attached.   The silicone has come off (should not have washed it in the machine apparently - oops) in a lot of places, and I'm wondering if there's a way to redo it...

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