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Rab and Westcomb Debut eVent DVL: Lightweight, Waterproof-Breathable Shells

by Alicia MacLeay
July 26, 2012

eVent DVL membrane at 5000x magnification

A super lightweight, packable rain shell that’s air permeable, highly breathable (even when running or climbing), and 100-percent waterproof? That's what eVent promises with its new unlined laminate, eVent DVL.

You'll find eVent DVL (DVL for "direct venting lite") in unlined rain shells for aerobic activities like trail and road running, climbing, trekking, cross-country skiing, and cycling.

Rab and Westcomb are the first to debut the technology this fall and next spring.

Shells made with eVent DVL fabric promise to be lighter and more packable than those with two- or three-layer technologies, due to a protective print applied directly onto eVent’s waterproof and air permeable ePTFE (expanded polytetrafluoroethylene) membrane.

According to eVent, the print—a repeating web of outlined triangular shapes—provides a durable protective screen for the membrane and eliminates the need for a drop liner (used in two-layers) or a knit backer (used in three-layers).

Unlike 2.5-layer shells made with continuous polyurethane (PU), eVent DVL allows direct venting of heat and moisture, like all your sweat, out through the fabric's millions of tiny pores, while remaining waterproof outside, according to the company.

Look to Rab and Westcomb to introduce eVent DVL to highly active, outdoor enthusiasts in the following lightweight, waterproof-breathable shells.

Rab's Viper climbing jacket with eVent DVL


Rab will debut eVent DVL in its Maverick Jacket and Pants and its Viper Jacket for spring 2013. 

The Maverick Jacket and Pants are geared toward all-around outdoor enthusiasts who need one set of reliable, comfortable, packable rainwear for a slew of activities—from hiking and spring skiing to mountain biking and climbing to walking the dog.

The men's Viper Jacket is a more technical, alpine-inspired piece, designed to work with a pack and harness. It's geared toward climbers and backcountry travelers who need minimalist rainwear with technical features, such as a helmet-compatible hood, waterproof chest pocket for stowing maps, and a long slender, alpine specific design.

Both the Maverick and Viper have waterproof zippers throughout.

Maverick Jacket
Weight: 14 oz (men's Large), 13 oz (women's Medium)
MSRP: $225

Maverick Pants
Weight: 9 oz (men's Large)
MSRP: $180

Viper Jacket
Weight: 14 oz (men's Large)
MSRP: $260

Westcomb's Focus LT Hoody with eVent DVL


Westcomb's Focus LT Hoody, also constructed of eVent DVL fabric, is lightweight at 195 grams (7 oz) and incredibly packable. Westcomb says it can be compacted down to the size of a regular coffee cup.

The ultralight Focus LT Hoody is designed with a full cut, not an abbreviated one common in some ultralight shells, and includes features like a built-in elastic cinch waist, Velcro wrist closures, and a stuff sack.

The Focus LT Hoody moved from concept to design rapidly, thanks to Westcomb's Shift Process, an ultrafast manufacturing-to-market model the company launched in spring 2012.

With a 100-percent local manufacturing commitment, the Shift Process allows Westcomb to develop ideas, build product, and deliver that finished product to retailers 60 days after they see the first sample.

Alan Yiu, president and lead designer for
Westcomb, first heard of eVent DVL in March 2012 and immediately ordered fabric. The final product is expected to hit North American stores this October.

“Westcomb is innovative, nimble, and product driven, and they were able to capitalize on our
new eVent DVL technology and fabrics to bring finished apparel to consumers quickly,” said Chad Kelly, Global Product Manager at eVent Fabrics.

“The reality is that innovation can come at any time. But if you’re not first to market with it,
then you’re not really innovating,” said Yiu.

Focus LT Hoody
Weight: 7 oz / 195 g
MSRP: $279