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Beyond the Gear: Scene at the Show

Outdoor Retailer isn't only about what's new and exciting in outdoor gear and apparel. Here are some highlights of what else we spotted at the show.

Ice cream from the Columbia ice cream truck is the most delicious cooling technology out there yet.


Scout, a certified search and rescue dog with Rocky Mountain Rescue Dogs, was walking the show floor. Good job, Scout!


Not as cool as the truck, but freeze-dried (astronaut) ice cream is easier to take into the backcountry.


Keen Fest offered a rocking lunch break, outside away from the trade show halls.


Celebrating 45 years, Cordura showed off Skip Yowell of Jansport's ski and climbing suit. They also had vintage packs with Cordura on display from Gregory, Kelty, and more.


Moderator Kristin Carpenter-Ogden (far right) asked panelists on the "Life and Death on Everest" talk to describe the mountain in one word. Answers, left to right: Mark Jenkins: "crowded"; Melissa Arnot: "wild"; Grayson Schaffer: "disorganized"; Conrad Anker: "pilgrimage": Chad Kellogg: "goddess"


I listened, I laughed, I cringed, I even teared up. Aron Ralston gave a riveting, inspiring talk, "Beyond 127 Hours," at the Conservation Alliance's breakfast on Friday morning. Ralston, who feels gratitude toward the boulder that forced him to cut off his arm and figure out what's important, now works toward conserving wild places he loves, like those slot canyons of Utah.


 Gibbon Slacklines entertained with a daily slacklne competition by top competitors.


Outdoor Retailer brought outside beauty indoors to the trade show, with a stunning photo exhibit. Because the outdoors is what it's all about.


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