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Swap Your Vibram Soles with Korkers OmniTrax

by Seth Levy
January 26, 2013

Not sure which boots to wear on your next winter hike, or rather, which soles? Swap out your Vibram soles mid-hike for just the right traction with the OmniTrax adaptable system.

Vibram offers OmniTrax soles in partnership with Korkers, which makes adaptable traction footwear specifically for anglers and winter enthusiasts. 

The removable injection molded plate system lets you attach different Vibram soles to the bottom of Korkers boots or shoes, so one pair of boots can adapt to changing weather and terrain conditions, outdoor and in: ice, snow, work on oily surfaces, everyday use. 

Some of the newest Vibram soles include aggressive metal cleats for traction on ice; an IceTrek sole for grip on cold, iced, or snowy surfaces (good for winter hiking); and a MegaGrip sole for grip on both dry and wet terrains (good for trekking, backpacking, canyoneering, enduro-mountain biking, skate boarding, all season hiking, and travel).

Vibram says its IceTrek compound is "proving to be the best performing outsole in cold conditions that Vibram offers."


PJ Antonik demonstrated the OmniTrax interchangable sole system at Outdoor Retailer Winter Market 2013.

Would you consider swappable soles for certain activities? Fishing, hiking, canyoneering?

Ever used Korkers OmniTrax system? If so, tell us how it fared in a review