Q&A: Lowe Alpine Mountain Attack 45

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I am considering purchasing the Lowe Alpine Mountain Attack 45 backpack. We are going to Central America for 7 weeks and once there, we will travel by bus/boat. We will be traveling in 5 countries. Is this the kind of pack for this type of trip? Will this pack do okay putting it in the luggage section on a plane/dumping it in the back of a bus?


The Lowe Alpine Mountain Attack series packs were designed for alpine mountaineering and are probably not the best choice for general travel. They should be rugged enough to take the abuse, but they are pretty stripped down in terms of features (e.g. few pockets, minimal suspension and padding, etc.) and not really made with that type of travel in mind.

I'd suggest a somewhat larger pack, either a travel-specific or general backpacking design. The right pack for you will depend largely on how much you're planning to carry, where you're staying (hotel vs. hostel vs. tent) and how often and how far you'll actually be carrying the pack.

You may want to post your question in the Trailspace forums, where you're likely to get good suggestions from a number of people who've done similar trips.

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