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Q&A: Queen-Sized Sleeping Pad

Occasionally we receive outdoor gear questions from readers. Since we figured others would find them useful too, we’ll share some of those Q&A’s here. If you think we missed the mark, let us know by leaving a comment.


I am having the hardest time. I am trying to find a way for my girlfriend and I to sleep together while camping yet not having to buy one of those inflatable mattresses. I would love to find a self-inflating sleeping mat that is queen sized but I can't. Any suggestions? What are my options?


Thema-a-Rest makes a little strap system that will hold two sleeping pads together. They call it the Universal Couple Kit.

Using a couple of those to lash together three full-size sleeping pads should get you pretty close to a queen size mattress, and you'd still have the flexibility of using the pads individually when needed.


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