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Q&A: How to Find Discontinued Gear

by Alicia MacLeay
July 20, 2007

Occasionally we receive outdoor gear questions from readers. Since we figured others would find them useful too, we’ll share some of those Q&A’s here. If you think we missed the mark, let us know by leaving a comment.


Five years ago I bought an Arc’Teryx Volt for my boyfriend in the States. He dearly appreciated it, yet a few weeks ago it was stolen and I have not been able to find a substitute for him here in Germany. Can you help me find this special rucksack again? It would be a wonderful surprise for him.

Andrea S.


Hi, Andrea. I’m sorry to hear your boyfriend lost his favorite backpack. Unfortunately the Arc’Teryx Volt has been discontinued, but there are a few possibilities for finding specific models of discontinued gear.

If you’re set on finding a particular item, like the Volt, you can search gear closeouts online at REI Outlet, Backcountry Outlet, and Sierra Trading Post. Individuals on eBay and GearTrade sell used and new gear. You also can post a "Want To Buy" message in Trailspace’s Classifieds, a free forum that matches individual buyers and sellers of used gear.

If none of those options turn up a new or used Volt, I’d take a look at Arc’Teryx's current daypacks. Find out specifically what features your boyfriend liked about his old Volt and see if any of Arc’Teryx’s current urban daypacks (such as the Arro 16 or 22 or the Spear 20 or 24) offer the same features and capacity and are designed for the same use and conditions. According to one reviewer, Arc’Teryx recommended the Spear 24 as most similar to the Volt.

If your boyfriend was happy with the fit, features, and quality of his previous Arc’Teryx pack he’s likely to be happy with a similar new one. However, since proper fit and personal preference is so important, it’s always good to buy from a shop with an excellent return policy if you’re buying a pack or any outdoor gear as a gift.

Good luck!