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Outdoor Retailer Ends

by Alicia MacLeay
August 13, 2007

After four days of gear frenzy Outdoor Retailer Summer Market has come to its exhausted, bleary-eyed ending, at least until OR Winter Market 2008 in five months. By yesterday afternoon, day four, my head was so overloaded with backcountry gear info, questions, notes-to-self, press kits, and business cards that Conrad Anker and Ed Viesturs could both have given me backpacks filled with all of their favorite gear and I’d just have thought, “hmm…that’s nice.” (Note to Conrad and Ed, if you really want to send me a bunch of gear I promise I can muster a lot more enthusiasm now that I’m home and I’ve had a nap.)

There’s still a lot of gear news and debuts we haven’t even begun to cover, but over the coming months we’ll provide more thorough product details, previews, and reviews on select outdoor gear. In the meantime, some final show highlights and thoughts will follow here in the blog.