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Outdoor Retailer: Easton Snowshoes

by Dave MacLeay
January 25, 2008

Easton Backcountry snowshoe Easton Aluminum, long a supplier of aluminum snowshoe frames for the likes of Atlas and Tubbs, will be launching its own line of snowshoes for winter 2008-2009. The Easton Artica line will include three different models – Trail, Hike, and Backcountry, for uses from recreation to expedition – in a number of different sizes for both men and women.

The Easton snowshoes include several design features not found in other snowshoe lines. Most interestingly, the asymmetrical frames are not made entirely of Easton aluminum tubing; rather, side rails of tubing are joined at the tip and tail by plastic couplings that allow the frame to flex in uneven terrain. Easton says this provides better traction on firm snow, especially sidehills, and less stress on ankles, knees, and hips. Likewise, on the Hike and Backcountry models, the left and right halves of the underfoot crampon pivot separately to provide additional grip in sidehill situations.

All the Easton snowshoes will feature PVC-free decking, and 80 percent of the materials used in the snowshoes will be recyclable. If recycling is not available in your area, Easton will take the snowshoes back for recycling.

Prices for Easton snowshoes will range from $160 to $260.