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Gregory Founder Shows How to Fit a Backpack

Get a pack that fits you. Inevitably you hear that advice when talk turns to pack selection. But if you’re new to backpacks, achieving a proper fit from all those straps and buckles can seem daunting

In the video below, Wayne Gregory, founder of Gregory Mountain Products, offers some advice on how to properly fit a pack. Wayne—who made his first backpack as a 14-year-old Boy Scout—was the first to offer packs designed for different torso lengths and with different harness and waist belt sizes.


This a good refresher, especially if you've been updating your Trailspace profile and wondering what exactly is your torso length.


First thing - When I come to this from the "Article Comments" forum, the article does not transfer from the Blog.

But, leaving that aside, Gregory's tutorial illustrates very well what we have all been posting in our forum threads. It would be great if the video could be enlarged to be seen on the full screen of the computer.

Thanks for the alert, Bill. The problem should be fixed now.

You can make the clip expand to full screen by clicking on the button second from the right at the bottom of the viewer (to the right of the volume button).

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