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Outdoor Retailer: Merrell NADA Jacket

Every season, Merrell Apparel challenges its design team to think outside the box and develop a concept piece. For fall 2009 the piece is the NADA (Not Any Dye Applied) Jacket.

Available in both a men’s (Cirque) and women’s (Nanuk) model, the NADA Jacket is made completely dye free. Everything—including its 100-percent polyester fabric, zippers, and labels—is constructed without the usual dye process.

According to Merrell, producing a NADA Jacket uses 59 percent less carbon dioxide, 86 percent less water, 63 percent fewer chemicals, and 59 percent less energy compared to a conventionally-dyed jacket. Or, to be more exact, producing one women’s small jacket NADA-style saves 1.6 kilograms of carbon dioxide, 115.2 liters of water, 0.18 kg of chemicals, and 2.47 kilowatt-hours of energy.

The NADA Jackets feature Merrell Opti-Warm insulation in the sleeves and body for added warmth, and are fully seamsealed and waterproof, using Merrell’s 2-layer Opti-Shell.

The NADA Jackets will retail for $229 in fall 2009.


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