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Outdoor Retailer: Snow Cave Slackline

Apparently I am not quite the hardy winter person I thought I was before today. With the arrival of snow and cold I had put away my backyard slackline (which I bought after our family caught the bug at last OR) and turned to other activities.

Today the folks at Gibbon Slacklines were entertaining demo day visitors at Snowbasin (apparently I missed the snowshoe slackline traverse), and now I'm not sure why I ever thought slacklining was only a summertime activity. After all, falling on snow can be more forgiving than falling on hard ground, though I'm not sure about falling into a snow cave.

Check them out in this video. They make it look so easy (trust me, it isn't):

As we might say in Maine, slacklines are wicked fun, and completely addictive.


One of my friends has a line setup over a lake near Hope. I haven't gotten on that one yet cause I still can manage to stay on a normal line. Maybe I should get a line for my trips this summer...

Sound fun, fenris.

By the way, we're in Maine too.

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