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Outdoor Retailer: All Season Kilt

Maybe it's me, but I can't help but notice the men in kilts at every Outdoor Retailer show.

Today I met up on the Snowbasin cross-country ski and snowshoe trails with Scott Reed, a Utilikilts rep and owner of Siege Gear, who was wearing his Survival Utilikilt while snowshoeing. We got to talking about the freedom of hiking and running in a kilt or a skirt (I run and race in running skirts and he races even longer distances in his Utilikilt), and Scott was happy to expound on the mysterious ways of the winter kilt.

Here's Scott:

And yes, in one way or another, everyone asks him what he's wearing underneath. By the way, Scott recommends Ex Officio boxers for the job. He also treated his cotton kilt for waterproofness.

Lesson learned: you don't need to put away the kilts or skirts when the snow starts flying and the temperature drops. They look seriously hardcore with gaiters. (Ladies, I saw a number of athletic skirts with built-in leggings, if you're interested).

Utilikilts are handmade in Seattle. The Survival model retails for $290.


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