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Outdoor Retailer: More scenes from the showroom floor

by Tom Mangan
January 26, 2010

More images that caught my eye at Outdoor Retailer Winter Market '10, which wrapped up Sunday.

StabiIcers traction devices

STABILicers from 32 North win my nomination for "Best Implementation of a Disembodied Foot."

Alicia at Outdoor Research booth

Alicia, our editor in chief, is the picture of concentration at the Outdoor Research winter hat display.

alite designs sign

Yes, Alite Designs has a sleeping bag optimized for getting wild in the wilderness. Do we call that  outercourse? Alite is based in San Francisco (like you had to be told that).

Brooks Range Rescue Sleds

Rescue sled kits from Brooks-Range gave me the willies — those mannequins look just a bit too much like those who met their end on a frozen slope.

Cold Avenger face mask

The Cold Avenger from Talus Outdoor is designed to regulate the temperature of the air that enters your lungs when you're out in the extreme cold. This is the version for snowboarders who simply must have Frida Kahlo on their faces (evidently they are plentiful).

Don't Die Out There playing cards

Sage advice in the form of playing cards available from The Mountaineers Books. (They provide a worthy variant of Trivial Pursuit around a campfire).

Metolius climbing wall parts

Artificial rocks prepare climbers for the real thing thanks to Metolius, which has a wide assortment of climbing-wall gadgets.

Royal Robbins coffee line

The Royal Robbins booth drew a steady stream of coffee buyers. If that whole outdoor apparel gig doesn't work out, they can always steal a few Starbucks customers.

Snowshoe boot clip

How to tell if you've got authentic snowshoeing boots? Look for this little shelf on the heel (This is from Merrell, which sells so many things these days that it's refreshing to think somebody remembered this little detail).

Trail Heads booth

TrailHeads gets the "Best Brand Name for an Outdoor Hat" prize, hands-down.

Welcome to our Factory

I have no idea who was responsible for this imagery, I just liked the contrast between the outdoor splendor and the upper reaches of the Salt Palace.