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Outdoor Retailer: Primus Liquid Fuel Pump

by Seth Levy
January 22, 2011

When shut off, many liquid fuel stoves retain a little fuel in the hose that connects the fuel bottle to the burner assembly. Sometimes, this leads to fouling of the hose, and the deposits of impurities could interrupt the flow of fuel. More often, it simply oozes a little fuel when disassembled.

Primus ExpressLander in off position.
Scott Kaier shows off the Primus ExpressLander.

It's not a serious loss, but for those who don't like unneeded contact with explosive solvents, it's not ideal.

Primus has a simple solution to this common issue. Scott Kaier showed it to us on the ExpressLander stove, new for spring 2011.

The intake hose on the ExpressLander's fuel is angled and its pump is labeled "on" on one side and "off" on the other.

When your stove is turned off, flip the fuel pump upside down to the "off" labeled position. The intake hose will be angled upward and above the level of the liquid fuel in the bottle, “flushing out” and burning off the fuel in the line. When the stove is on, flip the pump over to "on" and the intake hose will be angled down toward the bottom of the fuel bottle.

The concept is simple and non-gimicky. Check it out for yourself in the video below.

Primus ExpressLander Specs

  • New for spring 2011
  • Weight: 6.2 oz
  • Dimensions: Folds down to 3.25" x 2"
  • Output: 5,200 BTUs per hour
  • Boil time: Boils a liter of water in about 4.5 minutes
  • MSRP: $96