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Barefoot Hiking: How high can you summit?

Thinking about joining the barefoot running and hiking movement? Check out our article "How to Run or Hike Barefoot on the Trail" for advice on getting started slowly and safely.

Wondering what types of trails and peaks barefoot hikers can really explore? Check out the two barefoot hiking videos below. These are definitely for the highly experienced barefoot hikers. Don't try this your first time out sans shoes.

First up, Ted "Barefoot Ted" McDonald and companion Barefoot Larry hike to the summit of 14,505-foot Mount Whitney, highest peak in the contiguous United States. This 2007 hike was Ted's third barefoot summit of Whitney. Cue the banjo:


Over in Italy, barefoot hiker affintlewoodlewix summits 9,623-foot Manzol Mountain in 2010:

If you're wincing just watching, consider some barefoot or minimal footwear instead of going totally bare.


My intention is to "hike" at slightly above sea-level ... as in, "on the beach" alongside the Atlantic Ocean, in my bare-feet.

I am planning to spend some time at my former home in "The Hamptons" of Long Island.   "Main Beach", in East Hampton, was just selected (again) as one of the top-10 most beautiful beaches in the world.

Several miles to the East is Montauk Point, with bluffs overlooking the Atlantic.  Not too high, elevation-wise ... maybe 150 ft.

Sorry, Alicia ... that is going to be "how high" my summitting is going to be, barefoot.  My "REAL HIKING" is done with one of my pairs of Fabiano FGL boots.

Could be worse ... 'Ya know?




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