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Is that a drum circle in your pocketknife?

Wenger's outrageously large Giant Knife boasts 87 implements, 141 functions, and a place in the Guinness Book of World Records for "most functions on a penknife." It weighs more than two pounds, is 8.75 inches wide, and would cost you more than $2,000 to buy direct from the company.

In case you're wondering, those implements include a double-cut wood saw, compass, laser pointer, magnifier, fiber optic tool holder, toothpick, can opener, toothpick, and a whole lot of screwdrivers and other tools.

Now enter function Number 142: a percussion section in the hands of sound designer Roger Lima and WhiteNoise Lab. Lima uses only sounds created with Wenger's Giant Knife to produce the video below.


But can it do my taxes or serve me a sandwich and beer?


I remember when I first saw the Giant Knife a few months back. Hefty price tag. Gotta laugh though.

I would love to have seen what MacGyver could've done with that. Not too mention could ya see the look on your buddy's face when he asks for your knife and ya whip that thing out... Then the fun watching him look for the tool he needs for the next 2hrs?


Anything that can play a beat is alright with me!

And I hate little things in my pocket..... hummmmm

looks like an overgrown waffle iron, and it can't even make waffles. 

They should put this knife in a Super Bowl commercial.  Tag line: "No Excuses..."

leadbelly2550 said:

looks like an overgrown waffle iron, and it can't even make waffles. 

 No doubt they're workin' on it....

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