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OR Demo Day: Scorching Stoves, Thermoelectric Power, and Rapid Inflation Pads

Tuesday was blistering hot at Outdoor Retailer Summer Market's Demo Day at Utah's Pineview Reservoir. Copious quantities of Sierra Nevada and the coolest in new outdoor equipment were just the thing to temper the heat, though many brands opted to heat things up.


The FlameStower in action.

The newest entry to a growing category of thermoelectric power generators (like Biolite and the PowerPot) is the nifty FlameStower. Andrew Byrnes, one of the company's materials scientists, explained that several things make the FlameStower unique.

First, the unit is separate from a cooking device. It has a built-in height adjuster so that it's compatible with different stove systems and even fires. 

Second, it incorporates a little silicone dish of cool water. Since the thermoelectric generator is more efficient where there is a higher temperature gradient present, this cool water purportedly makes it a more efficient power generator.

Weight: 8 oz

Price: $70

Available: November


Jetboil Joule
The Jetboil Joule, showing its inverted canister.

Jetboil Joule

Jetboil, already known for zippy boil times, has introduced a real scorcher of a stove.

The Joule is powered by an inverted pressurized fuel canister, which delivers a steady stream of liquid fuel to a burner assembly that includes a warming coil.

It packs a whopping 10,000 BTU's. ("Holy crap," one observer exclaimed. "That's more than the stove in my kitchen!")

Weight: 27 oz

Price: $169.99

Available: Shortly



Windcatcher Air Pad
The Windcatcher Air Pad

The gentleman at Windcatcher used words like "channel" and "multiply" to describe the effect its new "rapid inflation technology" has on your breath while inflating the Windcatcher Air Pad.

To me, it's quite simple: You avoid becoming a blue-lipped, gasping wreck while attempting to puff enough air into your sleeping pad.

Weight: 840 g

R-value: 1

Price: $119

Available: Shortly 


Ryan Frayne and Zeke Camusio demonstrated the Windcatcher Air Pad for us:


More OR Photos!

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At least Dave & Seth will be inside today.

The Joule looks like it could serve dual purpose for maybe heating one's house in the chilly seasons. 

Looks a lil "bulky" though. 

Does it come with a pulk?

Ha, provided you crack the window? Maybe, Rick. I once made the mistake of test-running an MSR stove in a poorly-ventilated room. Never again. That's a lot of cooking power and very attractive price point on the Joule, though...gets my interest. I've always admired JB's systems, but when I can pick up a SuperFly for $35 off of Ebay? They can't compete. Maybe this'll open up the market for them a little more.

Just edited the price of the Jetboil Joule to be $169.99 (not $69, sorry, folks).

Just edited the price of the Jetboil Joule to be $169.99 (not $69, sorry, folks).


$170? Cough, errr ummmm.


For $170 I would have to most certainly pass.

Looking forward to seeing the FlameStower. Since testing the power pot and biolite I have become very interested in this technology. This looks promising at a first glance.

I saw the FlameStower and thought of you, TheRambler!

For those who haven't seen Ramber's two BioLite and PowerPot reviews, here they are:

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