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Outdoor Innovators Speak

Outdoor Retailer always promises unique innovations — and plenty enthusiastic product designers, brand managers, and PR reps eager to show them off. Here are just a few of them, in their own words. 

The Veteran Light

Originally designed for military uses, the LazerBrite Modular Light System is making the transition to civilian life at Outdoor Retailer. LazerBrite inventor Greg Kennedy took a few minutes to demonstrate his product:

Sleeping Pad CPR

The Eureka! Singlis UL sleeping pad can be inflated with a built-in pump. The procedure is a lot like performing CPR, as Mark Hrubant showed us:

The Spiky Shoe

The GoLite Footwear River Gecko bristles with rubber spikes, intended to provide traction inside a kayak or on a rocky river bottom. GoLite Footwear's Joe Campisi explained:


Stay tuned for more innovations as Outdoor Retailer continues Friday and Saturday. And don't forget to follow Trailspace on Facebook and Twitter for additional pictures and live reports from the show floor.


The River Gecko is getting into some very specialized territory, but with the growth of kayaking, they just might have a good market for their new line. 

Not the kind of thing that most people would buy for strolling around town in, though. 

Lots of people get excited by innovation in outdoor products. We used to have the Outdoor Retailers Show in Reno and I attended a few times. It is confusing to me because the outdoor experience has always been about simplicity.

It is liberating to have some products that perform familiar functions with less weight.  Dehydrated food still has a long way to improve. I am opposed to the elctronic revolution in the outdoors. Being unplugged is one of the main attractions of going "out there."

Hmmmm, the Eureka pad uses basically the same internal pump set-up that my Exped Downmat 7 utilizes. 

The Eureka is a tad lighter lighter but I also suspect that it doesn't have nearly the R-value that my DM7 has @ 5.9. 

Might be a nice 3 season option(late spring thru early fall.)

How nice of an option is dependent upon price of course but being Eureka is a fairly wallet friendly company I would think that it won't be too pricey when compared to other options out there. 

I do find the LazerBrite light intriguing. 

I'm not sure specifically what kind of boating the Gecko is designed for. Is it SOT's or a closed boats. For the latter, everyone I know uses a foot brace, and most use the Yakima pegs. As the pegs are narrow, I can see some potential for the spikes interfering with good grip on the pegs. For SOTs these might just be the ticket, especially with the popularity of SOTs. However, for C-1s and sea kayaks, I see that the peg system would inhibit their use. Do you have any feedback on this, Dave?

While we didn't discuss it explicitly, my impression was that they had whitewater and play boats in mind when designing this shoe. 

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