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BioLite Turns Stoves into Generators and Powers Group Gadgets

by Alicia MacLeay
January 31, 2014

BioLite, which makes camp stoves that charge your electronics, has two new power products for 2014: a stove that powers group gadgets, and a packable generator that works with any camp stove.

BaseCamp Stove

BioLite's BaseCamp stove grills, boils, and generates.

Got a fresh catch to grill? A family-load of headlamps and devices to charge? The BaseCamp stove is made to grill or boil meals for an outdoors group, while charging electronic devices.

Like the original CampStove, the larger BaseCamp generates electricity while burning wood, thanks to a thermoelectric technology converter. You can grill some hot dogs and charge your gadgets, even a tablet, via a USB port.

The BaseCamp features a 13-inch cook top, a one-touch lever to switch between grilling and boiling, a side entry for wood, 5-watt output to power headlamps to tablets, a flexible USB task light for keeping an eye on dinner, the ability to store power for later use, and a flexible cooking height with foldable legs.

The BaseCamp is an evolution of BioLite's HomeStove, made specifically for developing countries. Versus open fires (used by half the planet), the HomeStove reduces smoke by 90 percent and uses half the wood, while providing off-grid electricity.


  • Weight: 20 lbs
  • Dimensions: 3.25" wide x 17.5" deep x 23" high (with legs extended); 15" high (with legs folded) 
  • MSRP: $299
  • Available: Summer 2014


Packable Generator

Use any stove to power up with BoiLite's Packable Generator.

Don't have a BioLite stove? Already have your own favorite camp stove? The Packable Generator works with any stove to store energy for when you need it, including on the trail.

The Packable Generator provides 10 watts of on-demand power, stores power for when you need it, and has a compact foldable handle with a smart dashboard, which tells users if the generator is ready to charge their devices and beeps an alert if temperatures get too high.

To use, fill the body with water and place on top of a heat source, like a camping stove or stovetop. Within minutes, the on-demand generator transforms the heat into usable electricity that can be accessed from the handle's USB port.

Packable Generator

  • Weight: 2 lbs
  • Dimensions: 8" diameter, 3" tall
  • MSRP: $129.95
  • Available: Fall 2014


Erica Rosen showed us both the BioLite Packable Generator and the BaseCamp stove at Outdoor Retailer Winter Market this month.