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6 Reasons to Start at Trailspace

by Alicia MacLeay
November 24, 2014

We know you're inundated with messages to buy stuff this time of year. And if you're anything like us, you'd rather be outside than shopping.

But if you are buying outdoor gear, clothing, or gifts this holiday season, you should start at Trailspace.

Here's why:

  1. Find the best outdoor gear.
    Search or browse our comprehensive gear categories and you'll find the top-rated picks across all outdoor gear, apparel, and footwear. From stoves to tents, snowshoes to socks, backpacks to fleeces, we've got thousands of unbiased reviews and information on the best outdoor gear for you.
  2. Pay the best price.
    Why pay more than you have to? Our "Where to Buy" feature helps you easily compare product prices from scores of different retailers, saving you money up front.
  3. Get cash back.
    If you're a Trailspace member, you can earn up to 6 percent cash back whenever you buy something through one of our many retail partners, including Backcountry, Patagonia, REI, and many more. That's cash back on everything you buy, whether a tent for you or slippers for Grandpa.
    Sign in or join to start earning.)
  4. Shop at your convenience.
    Browse, look around, ask questions in our forums, and compare prices before buying. We're here to help. Or go straight for the piece you've been eyeing. However and whenever you shop, Trailspace's "Where to Buy" is ready to help you find the best deals.
  5. It's better than a store.
    There's no sales pressure at Trailspace. We don't sell the gear, so we're not out to push you into a specific product. We cover all outdoor brands, startup to established, and we don't have an incentive to suppress negative reviews. We just want you to find the gear you need to get outside.
  6. You'll be happier.
    Really. Altruism makes you happier. Being outdoors in nature makes you happier. And we think great outdoor gear and apparel is the very best gift, the gift of the outdoors. So let's spread some outdoor joy this season.

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