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Trangia Fuel Bottle

rated 5 of 5 stars Great fuel container. Very secure and easy to dispense fuel. This is a great fuel container. It's made for alcohol (I've never used it for other liquid fuels) and very tough. I accidentally knocked it off my kitchen counter and it hit a tile-over-concrete floor and never spilled a drop as I had the lid locked close. It's very easy to dispense controlled amounts of fuel with ease due to the shut-off valve. It's my go-to alcohol fuel container when backpacking, as I'm willing to carry the very slight… Full review

Vargo Alcohol Fuel Bottle

rated 5 of 5 stars A simple but neat solution to the problem of how best to carry alcohol as stove fuel. Tough polyurethane construction, a flip top, and measuring lines allow the user to easily carry, dispense, and keep track of fuel usage. There is something to be said for simple solutions that perfectly fulfill one's needs. The Vargo Alcohol Fuel Bottle is just what its name suggests—a bottle one uses to carry alcohol as fuel. It has become my go-to fuel bottle for my alcohol stoves in recent weeks.Use For backpacking,… Full review

MSR Fuel Bottle

rated 4 of 5 stars Simple and sturdy. This is a bottle, so not much can be said. It is well made and holds up to abuse while keeping fuel safe. The new child-proof caps can be a hassle so be sure to NOT crank the lid down tight or you will be struggling to get it back off.  As a rough rule of thumb 100z capacity gives you 1hr of burn time so select the size you need. Do NOT use this bottle with "white gas" as it was not made for it and it can damage the cap. This bottle will last you for years. Full review

Trangia Fuel Bottle

rated 5 of 5 stars Convenient filling capabilities, reliable no-leak system. **This review is for the 0.5L size I use a Trangia burner quite often on day trips and car camping, and was using plastic bottles bought from an outdoor shop for the denatured alcohol fuel. Guess what? They ALWAYS leaked, especially when traveling to altitude. I saw the Trangia fuel bottle on a YouTube video and gave it a try. Voila! No more leaks! Weighs 4.06 oz. for the 0.5L size. Made of sturdy plastic (not sure of composition, but it's… Full review

Optimus Fuel Bottle

rated 2 of 5 stars Bottle looked great, loved the "Skittles" green color. This bottle had the newer "child proof" cap that was designed to not come loose without operator input. The system utilizes a uni-directional ratchet that requires downward pressure to engage the 6 teeth/lugs. Simple enough. Filled her with Coleman brand fuel for use with my Svea 123R stove (this was from a brand new container of Coleman brand white gas purchased from K-Mart). Within 3 days, the seal on the cap perimeter was moist, and had become… Full review

Trangia Fuel Bottle

rated 4.5 of 5 stars This is a nice piece of gear to have if you use ANY type of liquid fuel and it will not corrode or deteriorate even the O-ring seal on the cap. The safety valve is particularly nice for no spills of over filling or over poring. There is no need to use a funnel for filling because of the design. YouTube has a video of the operation of the safety valve if you are interested. The bottle is made of a durable plastic so it's very light and durable. There is a metal collar around the top where the safety… Full review

Trangia Fuel Bottle

rated 5 of 5 stars A wonderful product! It holds traditional white gas or my favorite alcohol. Many other bottle seals fall apart with alcohol but my bottle has worked perfectly for over almost a year of constant use. The bottle easily fills stoves and appliances and has never leaked for me. The safety valve is a nice peace of mind though I have never put it to the test. Full review

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