Hestra Guide Glove

photo: Hestra Guide Glove insulated glove/mitten
Backcountry.com says:
If you spend your workdays on your skis or ski like it's your job, you can't do without the Hestra Falt Guide Glove. This all-leather glove is a little stiff out of the box, but once it's broken in, you won't ski without it. Hestra designed the durable glove with a work cuff that lacks a zipper or snap closure; it's easy to get on and off to tie lines or dig through your pockets. The hardwearing glove has a removable wool liner you can leave in your car on warm days and dry it out in the patrol shack over lunch.


Price MSRP: $145.00
Current Retail: $90.72-$123.75
Historic Range: $90.72-$165.00


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