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Shola 230 Crew

rated 5 of 5 stars Warm, soft, well-fitting, comfortable even in warmer temperatures. It's been years since I've lived in a climate cold enough for a base layer. Actually it's been 13 years... I remember them as itchy, uncomfortable, and most of the time I would rather freeze than wear them. I definitely have needed them since returning, and I decided to bite the bullet and pick up a set for the upcoming winter, which the Farmer's Almanac says will be one of the coldest winters in some time. I typically would not… Full review

Shola 230 Zip

rated 4.5 of 5 stars Kora’s yak wool Shola 230 Zip base layer beats the itch of other wool. It provides a lot of warmth without a lot of weight or thickness. This zippered base layer top is constructed using Kora’s own Hima-Layer Original 230 yak wool fabric. All testing of the Kora Shola 230 base layer was done on the ski hill. I am very sensitive to lamb’s wool, and was pleasantly surprised when I first put the Kora zip base layer on. Immediately it became evident that not only is yak wool not itchy, it has… Full review

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Kora makes yak wool base layers to keep outdoor athletes warm and help Himalayan nomad communities.


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