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Bat Wing 400s

rated 5 of 5 stars Tarps have come a long way. I have used and own both the 400s and the 500s from Luxe Outdoor.They are top shelf pieces of equipment. The 400s has the reflective side for when it's hot out. It stays noticeably cooler underneath than a normal tarp. It reflexes away the UV rays. At night put the reflective side down and it illuminates your lantern, and confuses the bugs. On cooler days put the black side up and it will absorbe more heat from the sun. It's also very waterproof and stands up… Full review

Bat Wing 500s

rated 5 of 5 stars Top shelf piece of equipment. This is a great tarp/shelter. I have the Columbia Frosty Ridge tent I set up under the Bat Wing. It is great. I am completely covered from the rain and wind. I can cook under it with no problems. I was just out the other night and it rained buckets. It was nice sitting under the wing completely dry listening to the rain. It has a reflective side for when it's hot out. Keeps you cooler than just a regular tarp, and when it's cold put up the dark side to be warmer underneath. Full review

Base Camp

rated 4.5 of 5 stars muy buena carpa y con un desempeño, con un diseño super probado similar a la ve25, con faldones en el abside. con muy buena circulacion de personas y de buena ventilacion. parantes de aluminio YUNAN. una carpa para recomendar. pablo. Full review

Base Camp

rated 5 of 5 stars This tent is definitely a bargain. Excellent quality, large and built to take it. Pole quality, stakes, seams, etc. are as good as I have seen. Used it as a basecamp for fishing this summer and recently on a sheep hunt into the Brooks Range in Alaska, everything you would want with the exception of lacking a footprint. Setup is straightforward Temps into the 20s, wind which did not affect it nor the rain. Seems to be bombproof at this point.  Like the large entrances and vestibule. Tried Luxe to… Full review


rated 5 of 5 stars Got the Habitat in the spring and took on a bear hunt into interior Alaska along the Big Susitna River.  Temps into the 20s. Surprisingly warm with all the mesh. Easy to set up. Took the wind nicely.  Lots of room for one and all my stuff under cover. I like the two entrances and vestibules. Nice it comes with the footprint included. Price was well worth it. Full review

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