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photo: mKettle  wood stove


Price Historic Range: $79.64-$99.99
Reviewers Paid: $80.00
Weight 13 oz (370g)
Capacity 18 oz (530 ml)
Height 7 in (17 cm)
Diameter 3.75 in (10 cm)


1 review
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A portable hot pot for morning joe anywhere in the world...and a little oatmeal.


  • Compactness
  • Efficiency
  • Speed to boil and not noisy


  • Not an ultralight
  • Fuel source
  • Not for the entire family (one or two)

Purchased online via Massdrop although have had and used other larger units sold under Kelly Kettle moniker.  This one differs as it is extensively anodized, has a wraparound neoprene sleeve for handling and uses a silicone plug to transport water when not heating. Also has base that serves as burning pot and is large enough to hold some alcohol stove units.

I used an open Trangia alcohol dish and produced my own alcohol fuel by converting alcohol-based hand cleaner by breaking chemical bonds by adding salt and separating the liquid with a filter.  

Setup to boil only takes a minute or less. Boiling time is approximately 4-5+ minutes and that is for approximately 1 pint of water. It is completely quiet which is nice in the woods.Because it has a chimney, I modified an aluminum crosspiece used to support pots in the k-kettles and it is good for heating food in a small saucepan or sierra cup. 

Be mindful that the water will boil in as little as 5 minutes, so take a break to use the boiling water when ready. If you want to use the chamber with wood, your cooking time could be extended sans some water to reduce the temperature of the shell or keep adding water.

Important! Be aware that the chimney is hot, so don't have anything flammable including eyebrows near the opening while heating. Since the wraparound sleeve is neoprene, it's a good idea to have a cup of water inside vessel to keep the container's temperature down.

I store a small plastic fuel vial (4+ ounces) in the chimney section when disassembled as well as 1-2 sierra cups (I prefer ti versions with folding handles) upside down in the base that is reversed in the bottom for transport.

I find that some camera lenses bags are ideal for storing and protecting the mKettle for travel and have one now.

Everything weighs 1.75 pounds and is 8" x 4.5" in diameter.  But, it is great for convenience and portability.

Source: bought it new
Price Paid: $80 on sale


Welcome to Trailspace, Bruce! Nice review! Thanks for taking the time to share it. If you have some pictures of your mKettle setup, those would be great to see in your review.

4 years ago

Have you used it with wood? I have one and find the combustion chamber to be so small that it is difficult to get a sustainable fire going with wood. wonder if you have any tricks for wood?

4 years ago

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