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rated 4.5 of 5 stars The LUCI solar light is a small, lightweight LED flashlight/lantern that is powered by the sun. It's fully rechargeable and never needs batteries. I know other reviewers have covered this topic, but I have put together a video review to show you some of its features. Here is my video review featuring two models of the LUCI Solar light...the Original and the EMRG. Full review


rated 4 of 5 stars High quality, and Luci stands behind its products. Saw this in my local outdoor retailer (Outdoor Trails, Daleville), and couldn't resist. Two steady power settings— one flashing white and one flashing SOS in alternate white or red—and in a smaller package the the original Luci. The frosted sides makes for a nice light; the original Luci light was a little harsh. It provides good illumination up to about 20' on low, 30' on high. The clear bottom allows it to be used somewhat directionally, like… Full review

Luci Aura

rated 4 of 5 stars Handy and convenient lantern-like light that adds a decent amount of ambient light to a campsite or a tent. Handy and convenient lantern-like light that adds a decent amount of ambient light to a campsite or a tent, especially when paired with a second one. While it won't push out as much light as a conventional propane, white fuel, or similar lantern, it does provide enough light for a game of cards or the like.   When it's not being used, it packs down very well (maybe the size of 10-15 stacked… Full review

Luci Original

rated 4 of 5 stars A lightweight, easy to carry, waterproof solar-powered lantern useful in the backcountry or at home during emergencies. I saw this while standing in the checkout line at a local Eastern Mountain Sports, and figured "what the heck, it's only $15!" Then I figured "what the heck, it's only $30!" and got one for a friend as well. Meet Luci: Luci weighs 4 ounces and collapses to a disc that's 1" thick and 5" in diameter. Luci's LEDs are powered by a rechargeable 3.7V lithium battery and have a bright,… Full review

Luci Original

rated 4.5 of 5 stars This small, inflatable, solar powered light is fairly quick to charge and provides hours of light for your campsite or tent. While deflated, it can be strapped to your backpack or placed on top of your gear in a canoe in order to charge up during the day. It is also inexpensive and would be a great addition to an emergency kit. When fully charged and on the high setting we were able to light up an area with an almost 10 foot radius. The first time we used it, we were camping in a field with no trees… Full review

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