Mystery Ranch Hover 50

photo: Mystery Ranch Hover 50 weekend pack (50-69l)
Mystery Ranch says:
Drain the swamp(back) with these ingenious, ventilated backpacks.Don't compromise carrying comfort for ventilation. Our HOVER packs take a unique MYSTERY RANCH approach in providing both these essentials for warm-weather hiking. Most other packs designed for warm weather integrate a full panel of mesh against your back, but our HOVER packs feature anatomically curved frame stays to create a ventilated, air-cooled back panel that levitates the load off your back minimizing back-to-pack contact and maximizing airflow without compromising our Load Carriage(TM) vision. With our articulated HOVER yoke and harnessing, much of the weight gets redirected to the hip belt for a cooler, more comfortable carry.


Price Current Retail: $164.42-$299.00
Historic Range: $119.00-$299.00
Price Current Retail: $238.99-$299.00
Historic Range: $134.95-$299.00


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