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Neck Gaiters

The best neck gaiters, reviewed and curated by the Trailspace community. The latest review was added on March 10, 2022. Stores' prices and availability are updated daily.

Recent Neck Gaiter Reviews

rated 3.5 of 5 stars
Fjallraven Bergtagen Neck Gaiter

Warm, ventilates, does not smell, gets holes real easy. Recommended, but expect short lifespan. I recently bought this as I like my Bergtagen eco-shell jacket and it's really comfortable, made of Merino wool. Fits me well, but seems to be quite fragile, as there is already a hole in it, near the inside tags which I then cut off, as there is a whole book of white label tags in several languages. Most annoying ;) I got it in screaming orange so I can find it in my backpack in darkness a bit easier. Full review

rated 4 of 5 stars
Arctic Lynx High-Performance Infinity Scarf

This scarf is best used as a nursing cover, as it’s a perfect size and fabric, and is easily washable. It’s also a fantastic scarf for all types of outdoor physical activities as it’s composed of a midweight fabric, is comfortable, and wicks moisture. This product is best for coverage during nursing, and for added warmth during outdoor activities in moderately cold temperatures. I would absolutely recommend it for physical activity in the outdoors and for nursing mothers alike. Conditions: … Full review

rated 5 of 5 stars
Buff Lightweight Merino Wool Buff

An accessory that earns its keep—whatever you do, outdoors. It's a scarf, a head or wristband, a hat, balaclava, towel, pot gripper...It may be the loose neck covering you want, or tight draught excluder you need—depending on how you wear it. Wash it in the sink, with mild soap, and wear it again tomorrow. I read Twig's detailed (outstanding) review and immediately upgraded my £3 polyester neck gaiter clone. The wool Buff can warm you up, or cool you down, so quickly supersedes cotton bandanas… Full review

rated 5 of 5 stars
Icebreaker Merino Flexi Chute

This small, lightweight bit of clothing makes an amazing difference in warmth and comfort in all outdoor situations. High quality merino and versatility of use make this a great dependable item. I wear  an Icebreaker merino neck gaiter in many outdoor pursuits—backpacking, skiing, trekking, biking, and post cold water swimming. I have used it in the BC Coast range, the Yukon, the Himalayas, and around town when it’s cold, It provides an almost miraculous level of warmth. It is versatile; can… Full review

rated 5 of 5 stars
Buff Lightweight Merino Wool Buff

At first glance, this is a simple neck gaiter that serves a pretty basic function. Yet this humble accessory has been an essential part of my various activities for almost 10 years and thousands of miles of outdoor travel. The merino wool version demonstrates superior performance over synthetic and cotton offerings. Breathability and temperature control make it much more tolerable in hot conditions, while it performs equally well for thermal protection when it's cold. Most importantly, it keeps… Full review

rated 3 of 5 stars
NxN Merino Wool Hooded Neck Gaiter

NXN's Merino Wool Hooded Neck Gaiter offers a clever, multi-functional hat option for anyone who spends a lot of time in the backcountry. If you're in the market for a versatile hat, you should check out NXN's Merino Wool Hooded Neck Gaiter. This clever tool can be worn in 12 different ways. Use it as a traditional headband, or a neck gaiter. And its merino wool construction gives you benefits like temperature regulation and odor resistance.  MSRP: $30 Weight: 2 ounces Weighing just 2 ounces, and… Full review

rated 4.5 of 5 stars
Arc'teryx Rho LTW Neck Gaiter

A very soft, wool neck gaiter that take up very little room in my pack. I find myself wearing this in many circumstances (biking, hiking, camping, hunting, walking to work even) during the colder winter months. Conditions:I’ve used the Arc’Teryx Rho LTW Neck Gaiter for three years now, mostly in the wintertime, in temps ranging from -20°F to 35°F (-29°C to 2°C). I’ve worn it hiking, camping, hunting, biking, and for everyday uses when the weather calls for it. Materials and Size:Built… Full review

rated 5 of 5 stars
Arc'teryx Rho LTW Neck Gaiter

A great accessory—soft and warm with all the advantages of Merino wool. Usually when you go for Merino wool you can't go wrong. It's light, soft, wicking, and has great thermal regulation. This product is no different. It's even softer than most Merino wool products I've tested. It's very versatile. You can wear it around your neck, cover your nose and mouth, or even use it as a cap. It delivers great warmth, especially in ratio to its thickness and weight. I'm using it every day during the winter… Full review

rated 4.5 of 5 stars
Arc'teryx Rho LTW Neck Gaiter

A versatile piece of headwear, which may serve not only as a neck warmer, but also as a lightweight hat. Very comfortable to wear, and compact in folded state, but not very warm. I received this gaiter as a part of my Reviewer of the Month prize, and it’s one of the most useful items in this kit, to my opinion. I use it really often and it appears on most of my photos during the cold season (none of which were staged in this review). It's made of 95% merino wool and 5% elastane, so it stretches… Full review

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