NEMO Puffin Luxury Blanket

photo: NEMO Puffin Luxury Blanket top quilt says:
NEMO Equipment Blankets Puffin Blanket - 2 Person Shale/Poppy 811666031754. Puffin is a beloved blanket that traps your body heat keeping you cozy while sitting around the fire or on your couch. Made of high quality technical fabrics its the adventurers blanket for daily life.Puffin is constructed with an ultra-lofty premium synthetic insulation and high-quality micro-ripstop providing a luxury heat-trapping feel for cozier nights around the fire. Its quiet easily washable and its integrated storage case makes a fun pillow when stuffed.Two clever designs set Puffin apart from all other blankets. The Foot Nook creates a buttoned-up pocket along the bottom of the blanket to keep your feet tucked in and out of the cold. And Puffins catenary shape is superior to a plain old rectangle accounting for your bodys mass and adding outwardly curved sides to keep you wrapped up tight.


Price Current Retail: $149.95
Historic Range: $108.43-$149.95


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